I have healed so much by recognizing my role and influence on my daughter. When she sees me she seems me smiling at my reflection. When she hears me she hears the excitement of spending time on the beach. I let her see me. I let her hear me. I want her to understand that our bodies change and none of that takes away from our ability to feel joy and peace and happiness. I am choosing to break a cycle and healing the past so my daughter and I can have a bright future. 💖 Happy Friday y’all. #bemorethanabody #rolemodel #parentinggoals #bethechange #nonairbrushedme #effyourbeautystandards #stretchmarks #scars #loseskin #14weekspostpartum
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Guess its national puppy day. Hulk the first day i brought him home #pitbullsofinstagram #pits #puppy
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Custom Baltic amber + coconut shell bracelet I made for my Vecmamma || translation: grandmother in Latvian // I have always been extremely proud of my heritage; so when I rebranded and changed my business name I decided to make it in the honor of my VecVecmamma, Anna, who I am named after. She was an amazingly ambitious and tenacious woman who worked extremely hard to achieve numerous successes in life. To make it even better, she resided in St. Petersburg, FL for many years of her life, all the way until the end. I moved to St. Pete a few months ago and I’m in love. What an awesome coincidence 🤙🏼
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@lenawaithe is “disrupting the hell out of Hollywood,” according to the @vanityfair cover story featuring her this month. She produces. She writes. She creates. And when she’s not doing those things, she is mentoring people of color and queer artists on how to break into Hollywood. She is co-chair of the Committee of Black Writers at the Writers Guild and she works with aspiring writers through @franklinleonard’s @theblcklst.
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