— whats up who remembers this
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• Witchxgrp Christmas Rct: Welcome to #Witchxgrp — Must be following @mysticxlove & one other member @hxarrypotter @callinqmulti @mainly011 @cupidfied — Tag 2/3 people who might be interested — Use the #Witchxrct2. (NOT #witchxgrp) Post 3 edits {1 new, 2 old} — Or screenshot and just repost the picture {slide right} — Any editing software is allowed, and every Fandom is welcomed. Picked on skills not followers. — Due date: December 25th Note: Must Have Snapchatt or WhatsApp Good luck💞
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Si è fatta odiare in tutti i modi ma questo no, non si può sottrarre il Quidditch a Harry :(
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they make my heart go 💖💞❤️💖❣️💗💟💞💝💛💘
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my babies deserved more time together. (vc; @riddledits)
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Ciao ragazzi scusate per l'errore di sopra ma me ne sono accorta solo ora e scusate anche × l'ora ma oggi è stata una giornata un po' così è così la prossima volta farò quello di Ron e forse anche quello di Harry #hermione #ron #romione #herry #hereypotter #magie #hogwarts #bachette Ginny❤️💚
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« I love u Hermione. ». for Carla, Sarah and Iris ❤️. - my audio. cc : epiphany. - #omgpage #omghp #romione
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I love these memes. . So I have this friend who now lives in Africa and we always try to talk to her but it’s basically just her telling us about her crush which is cool but everytime we want to tell her about something that happens to us she tells us that she doesn’t care about what happens here because it makes her kind of sad and she doesn’t want to know what she’s missing. I mean I understand she feels bad about not being here but she literally told us “that it was going to sound selfish but she just doesn’t care and doesn’t want to hear about our crushes and she only wants to talk about her crush with us” (she used literally those words) like how rude. . #HarryPotter #RonWeasley #HermioneGranger #dracomalfoy #GinnyWeasley #lordvoldemort #hogwarts #gryffindor #ravenclaw #slytherin #hufflepuff #loveharrypotter #swag #cute #romione #hinny #nuna #hedwig #danielradcliffe #rupertgrint #emmawatson
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people still think puns are funny? in this economy??
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