My sister stole my spot on the couch and now I can’t watch b99 ™️
53 minutes ago
Quick painting of @iamstephbeatz because I am STILL emotional about brooklyn nine nine #rosadiaz
2 hours ago
yall the dude who plays kevin cozner is in the good place !! my dad
3 hours ago
Excited to announce my first “case”- who is seven drinks Amy?? If you want to join my investigation just dm me, I have six weeks and nothing to do.
4 hours ago
Terry Jeffords from Brooklyn Nine-Nine (the shadow in this photo pisses me off but you’ll just have to deal with it soz) • • • • • • • #art #instaart #igdaily #sketchbook #ink #pendrawing #illustration #doodling #artsy #instart #drawing #brooklynninenine #b99 #brooklyn99 #terryjeffords #terrycrews #jakeperalta #andysamberg #rosadiaz #amysantiago #peraltiago #charlesboyle #freehand #instart #b99art
4 hours ago
i think it's the first time in my life I've heard someone spell out the words "i"m bisexual" on television. not "i go both ways" or someone previously established straight being rewritten as gay thus invalidating their past dating history (a la Friends). when rosa diaz does it, she doesn't get one dramatic conversation with her parents. she has multiple, each to varying degrees of acceptance. it's a nuance only queers understand-- you don't come out one time, you have to keep coming out. over and over. and it's not just a queer outing, it's bisexual specific. it tackles everything you get told specifically as a bisexual woman. i have loved brooklyn nine nine for years, always held its characters close to my heart, cried with them because im made of mush and water, laughed with them because they're dorks, but hearing the things they said this time around struck so close to home that now i WAS them. #bisexual #brooklynninenine #brooklyn99 #rosadiaz #lgbt
5 hours ago
is drinking expired milk actually bad for u because i just drank about half a bottle of it before realising it expired two weeks ago (to be fair i just bought it today)
6 hours ago
8 hours ago
My mum just kicked me off the tv because I watch too much b99 ™️
9 hours ago
so it turns out im really good at throwing cheerios into the air and catching them in my mouth guys i finally have a talent are yall proud of me
9 hours ago
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