Even in the harshest weathers with a little bit of patience beauty blooms in its own time.....we all in one way have felt a moment of wanting to bloom outside of our season. To move forward from ones current situation, become a step or two above. Prying the young flower bud open to see if we can see the flower inside. A destroyed small pile of petals is left behind. One thing I’m finding is to take things in my own time. To stop rushing and expecting to see instant results. We lose our selves and become self destructive when we forget the important things that need tending and the patience involved. Things will and can get rough but patience is what will get you through. Thank you to all my friends and supportive new faces for being patient with me as i work on this tapestry, since it’s the only thing I’ve been posting, i do wish i could be starting on new things but right now this is what needs tending along with another.
44 minutes ago
Bienvenida al mundo Olivia!!🎆🎇 Te estábamos esperando con los brazos abiertos!nos has dejado a todos enamorados😍😍. Ahora a portarse tan bien como los 9meses anteriores. No hay nada más bonito que ver la carita de unos nuevos papas! Enhorabuena chicos por vuestra bebita bonita!!👶 #chupeteros #regalospersonalizados #detalles #reciennacido #bebe #molona #mickeymouse #siliconaalimentaria #rosita #yaestaaqui #bienvenida #pequeña #olivia #ainalembaby
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How about the National Rosita Day instead! This easy-to-make cocktail will blow your mind: 2 oz #WahakaMezcal Reposado con Gusano @schofferhoferus Grapefruit Hefeweizen Ice Rim the glass with @tajinusaofficial Let's make the "Rosita" the mezcal cocktail! #mezcal #beer #tajin #wahaka #rosita #cocktail Salud!
3 hours ago
Ayer en mi #cumpleaños me consenti, jaja, me invite al cine, pensaba ver #ladybird, pero a los 10min iniciaba otra peli que también queria ver, y al final me espere esos 10 min #callmebyyourname muy buena peli, recomendada, tanto me consenti que hasta #palomitas y #icce me regale #parakata #rosita #papelpicado #29años 😎😂😜🙊
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Violet hair, don't care. 💜
7 days ago
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