Ughhh my physiology test today was awful I just know I did terribly . Kind of related but I never realized just how garbage my high school was until I started going to a school full of rich kids 😂 I'll be like "oh yeah one time a girl got her hair lit on fire during lunch," or "yeah every bathroom floor was always covered in water," and then Susan from Chicago will say "we had lulu lemon tennis uniforms" and I just
31 minutes ago
This legitimately sounds awesome -Ellie 🦅📚 Cr. Tumblr - Tag someone who believes in ghosts - DMs are always open!
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GO FOLLOW MY WATTPAD! DRACO FANFIC!! Also, what’s your favorite spell? LINK IN BIO #harrypotter #danielradcliffe #rupertgrint #emmawatson #hogwartsaesthetic
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