Sorry for not posting for a couple days, I was feeling off. but I'm good now ☺️ ••• "Teardrops run down, and fall off her nose, she cries in dark corners, where nobody goes, you can follow the tracks, from her eyes to her chin, years upon years, of letting them win, and her eyes tell a story, of anger and pain, you think that she's happy, but just look again, and the scars of her past, hidden under her clothes, are a road map to places, that nobody knows, her smile is now painted, she's a master of disguise, and you can see it all, just look into her eyes." ••• Follow @v.ulnerabl.e for more posts!
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“TWO LOVERS” - excerpt from “ALL IS EQUAL IN THE EYES OF DIRT” by DYLAN GARRETT SMITH. Split release ALL IS EQUAL IN THE EYES OF DIRT/UNDERNEATH (IAV001) available now & limited to 50 hand-numbered copies. Link in bio & also at
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A sneak peak of one of the latest pieces in the "Darling..." series, a collaborative work with @moiraness. To see the whole series so far, some to the @artistprojectto NEXT WEEK Feb 22-25th at the Better Living Centre here in Toronto. These pieces are all full of detail that you can get absolutely lost in, and best seen in person.⠀ ⠀ ⠀
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