48 years ago
People Trump Fired or Threatened to Fire, People Who Resigned (Pt 1 of 5) . #DonaldTrump on Tuesday, March 13, said he'd replaced his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, with CIA Director #MikePompeo, adding to a series of high-profile exits from the #WhiteHouse. With that in mind, I've listed all the "exits" I could think of. With this list, I'm surprised that our country is still standing. . People #Trump fired: . #SamNunberg Trump's policy adviser during his presidential campaign, was fired when his racially charged Facebook posts were made public. . * #SallyYates Acting Attorney General, fired Jan. 30, 2017 Yates sent a memo to Justice Department employees asking them not to defend Trump's initial travel ban on people from 7 majority Muslim countries. She was given a hand delivered letter just a few hours before the White House released a statement to reporters. . * #PreetBharara US Attorney, Southern District of New York, fired March 11, 2017 The Trump administration asked all remaining #Obama-era attorneys to resign, clearing the way for new appointments. After refusing to hand in his resignation, Bharara was officially fired. . * #JamesComey FBI Director, fired May 9, 2017 Trump said he fired Comey for his handling of the investigation of #HillaryClinton's emails. Comey testified that he believes he was fired to "change the way the Russia investigation was being conducted." A hand delivered letter was sent to Comey's office while he was visiting California. Comey heard about his firing on the news. . * #AnthonyScaramucci Communications Director Scaramucci was fired as White House communications director after just 11 days on the job, and just hours after former Gen. #JohnKelly took over as Trump's new Chief of Staff. . * #SteveBannon Chief Strategist, fired August 18, 2017 Bannon was removed from the National Security Council in April. Bannon was combative and unapologetic. He's  known for far-right political views, was a force behind some of Trump's most contentious policies, including a travel ban on people from several Muslim majority nations. . (Go to Pt 2)
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These two meeting was magical to watch. Sally Yates stood up to the President against his travel ban. Abdul was able to see friends and family again because of her. Thank you @thea_network @chooseatl @sxsw @kate_atwood for bringing them together tonight. We can’t wait to see their friendship grow over authentic Ethiopian food in Clarkston! #chooseatl #chooseatlsxsw #theanetwork #clarkstonthefilm #refugeeswelcomehere #whereyallmeansall #sallyyates
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Couldn’t imagine closing out #sxsw better then in conversation with hero and former attorney general #sallyyates plus this room of dynamic humans. Much love to @kate_atwood and the @chooseatl team for an unforgettable night #theA
5 days ago
“...And at every step, in every position, from AUSA to acting attorney general, I always try to carry out my responsibility to seek justice in a way that would engender the trust and the confidence of the people whom I served.” - #sallyyates, May 2017. . For your integrity, for your service, for your faith in our democracy and for justice — thank you.
5 days ago
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