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14 minutes ago
If you are ready to learn more about what eating real, clean food is, If you are ready to give working out a try, And if your willing to try a superfoods packed shake a day For 7 days Message me TODAY! My Clean Week Challenge Group starts SOON, time is running out till this group closes.
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Chilln with the lil man last night lol #chillin #relaxing #lol #saskatchewan #winter #houseforsale
14 minutes ago
Another new vendor for this year’s market is @roundhillpottery 🏺pottery lovers rejoice! "Mark Budd is a Saskatchewan-based ceramic artist who produces rustic, utilitarian tableware under the name Roundhill Pottery. Mark received his BFA in Ceramics in 2016 and is currently engaged in post baccalaureate studies at the University of Regina. Mark's forms are responsive to nature and are heavily influenced by the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi. He tends to work in short cycles, making small batches that change with the seasons. Mark's focus on atmospheric firing techniques reflects his fascination with the simultaneous predictability/unpredictability of natural cycles and processes. For him, wood or soda firings are semi-improvisational events that require mindfulness, as well as mental and emotional flexibility. www.roundhillpottery.com www.facebook.com/roundhillpottery #canadianceramics #pottery #clay #saskatoon #saskatchewan #yxe #flockandgather
15 minutes ago
Never look back in 2018. Call Markusson Sales Department to learn more about New Holland front boom sprayers with IntelliSpray system. #markussonnewholland #newholland #intellispray #cnh #saskatchewan
17 minutes ago
Hair transformation Wednesday! The proof is in the photos - MONAT works! So what are you waiting for??? You need these products in your life! 😉. "Sometimes I️ just love my Timehop 🤗☺️🤗 Top right picture: Two years ago when I️ first cut off my hair. I️ don’t know why I️ cut it.. but I️ absolutely hated it after I️ did. I️ thought cutting it would add some fullness since the length wouldn’t be weighing it down. Boy was I️ wrong. Bottom right picture: Trying and trying to grow my hair out from the previous year. But my hair just would not grow. You can see in this picture my ends are damaged and fried from color, from heat, from using so much product to try and get my hair to do what I️ wanted it to do. So you can see in one year my hair did not grow at all. It would just break off. My hair would come out in chunks when I️ washed it in the shower. When my hair was dry I️ couldn’t even run my fingers through my hair. Fast forward to today: I️ switched up my hair product in May. And since May look how much my hair has grown. I️ am using only shampoo and conditioner and a root lifter spray. My hair looks healthy, full and shiny!!! And it’s growing!!!! Something I️ have never been able to do quickly!!! I used only revive shampoo revitalize conditioner and root lifter spray" #yxe #yxehair #saskatoon #saskatoonhair #saskatchewan
21 minutes ago
Progess may be a little slower now with my leg being f'ed but that doesnt stop the cool shit from arriving. Heres the new custom plate for the mustang, wait to see the build completion and you'll understand just how ironic this will be 😂
31 minutes ago
Happy #humpday Sask 🍑
26 minutes ago
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