Our favourite thing to do is go where we’ve never been 👣 a simple breakfast of tomato on toast is twice as enjoyable with a lake view...I don’t think we’ll ever get sick of finding new corners of Australia! #homeiswhereyouparkit #simplepleasures #adventuresinabus
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We were supposed to set off last week to California, but I had a little traffic ticket discrepancy that I had to deal with. One 8 hour class later and we’re good to go, we were talking about this Thursday or this weekend but there’s already an inch of snow on the ground and about five more on the way, did I mention it’s going to do it again on sunday?😂 So like it has been for a while, the departure date is uncertain but I’m trying as hard as I physically can, but this kind of stuff is obviously out of my hands. I love the snow but hopefully I’ll be in some sunny weather in the next few weeks. Enjoy your snow day Virginia😁✌️ Honestly the only bad part about this is I have no water at the moment because of the freezing temperatures.😬
2 hours ago
Burning schoolbus in my street. Eveyone’s safe 🙏 #burning #fire #schoolbus #firebrigade #firedepartment
3 hours ago
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