2018 Oscar Nominations Thoughts/Predictions It's time for every cinephile's favorite thing to hate on: Oscar nominations! Here are my thoughts on some of the categories and some bad predictions. Best Picture:  What drives me crazy about this category is they can nominate up to 10 films, yet they've nominated 9 the past couple years. You're telling me there weren't 10 films worthy this year? Fill the damn spot! Three Billboards is obviously my pick and has momentum, but I just don't see it winning. Want to win: Three Billboards What will win: Shape of Water/Lady Bird Best Actor: Robert Pattinson gave the best performance of the year, but his snub was not a surprise. What was a surprise was Denzel getting in over James Franco. Franco deserved this nomination, art before the artist. Denzel was fine in a meh film. Want to win: Timothée Chalamet Will win: Gary Oldman. Best Actress: Frances McDormand all day baby. Some great female performances this year, but McDormand has this one. Want to win: Frances McDormand Will win: Frances McDormand Supporting Actor: Army Hammer and Michael Stuhlbarg both were excellent, so I would have liked to see one of them in here. But Sam Rockwell has got this one, deservedly so. He's one of my favorite actors, finally getting the recognition he deserves. If he doesn't win, send help. Want to win: Sam Rockwell Will win: Sam Rockwell Supporting Actress: Seems like it's between Laurie Metcalf and Allison Janney, with Janney carrying the momentum. Want to win: Allison Janney Will win: Allison Janney Best Director: Martin McDonaugh was completely snubbed. I can name 15 better directed films this year than Get Out, but I'm happy for Jordan Peele. Greta Gerwig's direction was nothing special in my opinion. GDT seems to have this one. Want to win: Paul Thomas Anderson Will win: Guillermo del Toro Other notes: Glad to see Blade Runner 2049  and Baby Driver rack up the technical nominations. Both screenplay categories are interesting, diverse, and hard to predict. That Logan nomination can fuck off. Sorry boys. Overall, not bad. Don't agree with everything, but I've seen far worse. Interested to see how it plays out.
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Top 10 Films of 2017 • 1 • #scorethatfilm2017 1: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri "This didn't put an end to shit, you fucking retard; this is just the fucking start. Why don't you put that on your Good Morning Missouri fucking wake up broadcast, bitch." If you've been following me, this is not a surprise at all. What more can I say? I guess I can say that this film cracks my all-time favorites list, which is *very cool*. It's a perfect movie for me, as it hits on everything I like and look for in a film. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell better win some trophies, I swear. Yeah, check out my two reviews of this already on my page for more. I'd just be repeating myself at this point. It's fucking awesome. #threebillboards #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #bestfilmsof2017
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Top 10 Films of 2017 • 5-2 • #scorethatfilm2017 5: A Ghost Story A cinematic poem about grief and coming to terms with ones legacy. Every existential thought I've ever had about death and the after life, gorgeously put on screen. Oh, and THAT PIE SCENE. 4: mother! I look at mother! as two movies: a biblical metaphor detailing how humanity is failing our planet, and a wild fever dream you can't escape from. And I love both films. An incredible experience that has been burned into my brain forever. 3: Call Me By Your Name One of the most sensual and organic films about two people falling in love, regardless of gender, out there. A film where little dialogue is needed to convey the complex emotions the characters are feeling, yet the emotion is still there. So damn beautiful, my words really can't do it justice. 2: Baby Driver The most fun I've had at the movies in a long time. Edgar Wright is a mad genius, and Baby Driver is awesome. My most viewed film of the year, and each viewing leaves a huge smile on my face. #aghoststory #mothermovie #callmebyyourname #babydriver #bestmoviesof2017
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Top 10 Films of 2017 • 10-6 • #scorethatfilm2017 10: Coco The first animated movie in as long as I can remember that has emotionally gutted me. That along with the fantastic animation and a great message make this one of my biggest surprises of the year. 9: The Disaster Artist Even though it didn't meet all of my impossible expectations, I still adored The Disaster Artist. James Franco knocks it out if the park as Tommy Wiseau, and I laughed the most at this than any other film this year. 8: Song to Song Every shot of this film is incredible to look at. Literal cinematography porn. If you dig deeper, there is a story about passing moments, love and forgiveness, and much more. One of the two underrated Michael Fassbender performances this year (Covenant plug). 7: The Killing of a Sacred Deer The most intense and scariest cinematic experience of the year. Yorgos Lanthimos took me on an absolute roller coaster here, featuring amazing performances and stunning twists and turns. Darkly funny and disturbing, my eyes hurt from staring at the screen so intensely once the film ended. And what an ending. 6: Good Time Robert Pattinson needs to file a police report. He's currently being robbed of every Best Actor award out there. His work coupled with the visceral direction and ratched realism make this a cinematic treat in every way possible. #coco #thedisasterartist #songtosong #thekillingofasacreddeer #goodtime
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Top 10 Films of 2017 • Honorable Mentions • #scorethatfilm2017 2017 turned out to be a fantastic year for film. All genres brought us some gems, and overall I had a great time at the theater this year, despite some bumps along the way. I'll finally be counting down my Top 10 films of the year. Still, I have a bunch of honorable mentions. I suck at making hard decisions, which in this case is a meaningless list of movies. Sigh. So here's a bunch of movies I really dug that just missed the cut. Alphabetical Order: All the Money in the World American Made The Big Sick Blade Runner 2049 Brigbsy Bear I, Tonya It Comes At Night Personal Shopper Star Wars: The Last Jedi Super Dark Times MY ONE NOTABLE MISS: Phantom Thread I would wait until I see this, but I'm really not gonna have the time to make the drive for a couple weeks, so oh well. #allthemoneyintheworld #americanmade #thebigsick #bladerunner2049 #brigsbybear #itcomesatnight #personalshopper #thelastjedi #superdarktimes #bestfilmsof2017
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Downsizing Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Saw this a few hours ago and I'm really struggling to remember it. Put that on a poster. This isn't a bad movie, but it's very frustrating. The concept is awesome, and there are so many directions they could have gone with it. What we get is a generic "white guy finding his true purpose" story with enough social commentary to make Neill Blomkamp blush. The performances are kind of all over the place. Christoph Waltz was my favorite, simply because he was so weird and every scene with him made me laugh. Matt Damon is on cruise control most of the film. Hong Chau is so over-the-top, she feels like she's in a completely different movie. I was interested in where the story was going, even when I realized what kind of movie I was really in for, up to a certain point. But there's really no dramatic payoff or revelation. A character just doesn't do something stupid. That's the climax. A good half hour  ould have been cut as well. A movie that ultimately goes nowhere doesn't need to be 135 minutes. Overall, Downsizing is a watchable, interestingly acted film that has alot to say but stumbles in its delivery. I didn't mind watching it, but I can't help but think about the other movies we could have gotten with this premise. Score: 2.5/5 #downsizing #mattdamon #christophwaltz #hongchau #alexanderpayne
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All the Money in the World Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 There was so much buzz around this film going in due to the Kevin Spacey controversy, I didn't know if I was going to be able to get into it. I was. The performances help elevate this film from your standard "Based on a True Story" drama. Christopher Plummer is fantastic, and he was the correct first choice for the role. Michelle Williams is great as always, I've never seen a performance short of great from her. I found Mark Wahlberg really engaging, as well as Charlie Plummer, the grandson. The true story here is fascinating, and I was fascinated by the events unfolding on screen. Ridley Scott does some of his best work in years, keeping the film moving at a good pace and making the ongoing negotiation process riveting. I was on the edge of my seat multiple times waiting for a line of dialogue. While I didn't find the film slow, I do think there are some spots that could have been trimmed. It gets a little repetitive at points, and I'm not sure they fully stuck the landing. A sharper script could have helped with the occasional dryness. But I was really impressed with how locked in I was throughout this film. Overall, All the Money in the World is a very well crafted drama featuring three dynamite performances. While most of the film is dialogue and negotiations, I found myself wrapped up in the story and on edge for what would happen next. This one was a pleasant surprise and I highly recommend it. Score: 4/5 #allthemoneyintheworld #ridleyscott #christopherplummer #michellewilliams #markwahlberg #kevinspacey
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Bright Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 I tried really hard to give this thing a fair chance, I promise. But what the fuck man? What the fuck was that. Never have two genres been mashed so incompetently. The fantasy elements feel forced and underdeveloped, while the "gritty" underground cop thing just comes off as goofy. I guess this is a neat idea to pitch to a young adult novelist, but not the type of idea you make a $90 million blockbuster out of. Joel Edgerton is too good of an actor to make suffer like this. He's trying really hard, but it's just rediculous. Will Smith is giving a half-baked throwback performance. The comedy just doesn't work here. It all feels forced and awkward. So let's talk about the racism thing. Am I as triggered by it as some people? No. But it is really poorly done. Racism is real. I know right, didn't see it coming either. The action in Bright is just dull. I wasn't interested in anything happening on screen. Things just kind of happened. Guns, magic, etc. It was all just so dumb, I couldn't get into this film on any level. Overall, Bright is a head scratching misfire from everyone involved. No elements of the genres being combined work, the performances fall flat, and I honestly felt insulted by the stupidity I was being forced to sit through. This pile of shit deserves the hyperbolic beating it has taken. Score: 1/5 #bright #brightmovie #netflix #willsmith #joeledgerton #davidayer #maxlandis
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Call Me By Your Name Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Art in the form of film. Luca Guadagnino has crafted one of the most sensual, tender, and emotionally gutting films I've ever seen with Call Me By Your Name, an awards contender and sure-fire classic for years to come. Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet deliver two of the finest performances of the year, and their chemistry is electric. They are both able to cover so many emotions without saying a word. Michael Stuhlbarg is fantastic in a supporting role as well, delivering one of the best monologues in recent memory towards the end of the film. Rarely is a film able to so richly capture each sense and use it to tell a story as Guadagnino is able to here. This is one of the most sensual films I've ever seen, while never feeling polished or disengenuous. The relationship these two guys have is as real as it gets, and the emotions are raw. This film also features some gorgeous cinematography. I was totally sucked into this world and felt like I was hanging out with these characters. The music is very effective as well. I really have nothing but overwhelming positives to say. The one complaint I heard going in was that it was intentionally slow paced and felt long, but I didn't feel the length at all. Overall, Call Me By Your Name is a beautiful film about young love and what it means to be in love for the first time. It's so powerful yet subtle in its approach, reeling you in from the start and never letting go. This is a masterpiece. I was floored by this film, and it easily cracks my best of the year list. See it in the theater! Score: 🌟5/5🌟 #callmebyyourname #lucaguadagnino #armiehammer #timotheechalamet
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The Shape of Water Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 The Shape of Water is a Guillermo del Toro film, written by Guillermo del Toro, directed by Guillermo del Toro, presented to you by Guillermo del Toro: a Guillermo del Toro film: Guillermo del Toro. Despite the overwhelming praise, I wasn't that hyped to see this one. GDT is, as you can tell from my intro, a bit self-righteous in my opinion, and I don't love any of his films. While I was blown away by The Shape of Water, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The story is very simple, which I appreciated. It felt like a classic Hollywood film in the sense that the characters are more like caricatures, and the whole film feels like a fantasy being played out in real life. While there's not much too the performances, I enjoyed Michael Shannon, Octavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins alot. Sally Hawkins is good, but there's a catch to her. It's a beautiful film to look at as well, something GDT will always deliver. Some technical awards are headed this movies way. See this on the big screen for sure. My main issue is something totally objective and personal that plenty of folks appear to not be having; I just can't feel anything for a fish man. Maybe if more effort were put in to making him sympathetic, I would. But the film rushes his setup and expects you to just care instantly, and I never did. Aside from that, there's some pacing issues between the second and third acts. Overall, The Shape of Water is a mostly entertaining and well made film that I couldn't connect with emotionally. I just enjoyed watching a film that felt like a classic, fantastical, cliché Hollywood love story. Not gonna crack my best of the year, but worth spending your money on. Score: 3.75/5 #theshapeofwater #guillermodeltoro #sallyhawkins #michaelshannon #octaviaspencer #richardjenkins
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 "Did the check clear? Do I like it?" - Rich Evans The Last Jedi comes off of the incredibly hyped The Force Awakens, a film lacking in originality and in my opinion, scared of taking risks. The Last Jedi takes risks. My Star Wars fandom has been through ups and downs the last couple years. At this point, I just want something fresh. The Last Jedi is full of twists and turns that feel like anything but the original trilogy. This is new Star Wars, and you can embrace that or not. I accepted it and had a really good time with this film. This is just a really fun sci-fi movie with genuine character moments. Can't really get into anything without spoilers, but the relationship dynamics between the characters were really interesting and unique. And this was just a fun movie to sit back and take in, without looking for every little Easter egg and reference. The Last Jedi isn't without its problems however. There's an entire subplot that basically goes nowhere, and some charachter development falls flat. This film is also borderline scholck at times, which is fine by me, but will weird out people. Overall, The Last Jedi is a really fun and charachter driven sci-fi film. I'm less into fan theories and Easter eggs and more into just having a good time and feeling for characters, which I did. I have issues, but overall I like this alot more than Force Awakens and am fascinated by what will come next. Score: 4/5 #starwars #thelastjedi #disney #lukeskywalker #markhamill #daisyridley #adamdriver #carriefisher
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The Disaster Artist Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Checked out this real Hollywood movie. This my review. This my life. As a cult follower of 'The Room', it would be impossible for this movie to please me 100%. I've watched the film many times, read the book by Greg Sestero that this film is based on, and absorbed as much information I could about the film and how it was made. The Disaster Artist is a really great film, whether you're a cultist or not. James Franco legitimately deserves awards recognition for his portrayal of the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau. It took me about 15 minutes to get into it, as it's literally impossible to portray such a man. But Franco embodies who Tommy is, and I got lost in his performance more and more as the film went on. Dave Franco as Greg Sestero is really strong as well. What makes this film work is the perfect mix of comedy and genuine heart. This is one of the funniest films of the year, yet it packs an emotional punch. You feel for Tommy and everyone involved as they struggle with personal demons and trying to make it in this business. It's a film about dreamers, even if their dreams are far beyond their grasp. This is beautifully portrayed, specifically in the final act, and I left this film with a huge smile on my face. My only real issue is that the film isn't five hours long. There's so much stuff the film skips over for time, I just wanted more, which is a compliment to this film. There's also a specific scene involving a cameo that is made up to add drama and stakes to a moment, and I don't think it was necessary. But other than that, this film was a blast. Overall, The Disaster Artist is an extremely entertaining and well done film about the most infamous movie ever made. James Franco portrays Tommy Wiseau the best that can be done, and he takes a genuinly heartfelt approach to this story and those involved. I could have watched a five hour cut, I had such a good time. I don't think you need to have seen The Room or be a cult follower to enjoy this, but it sure helps. Score: 4.5/5 #thedisasterartist #theroom #jamesfranco #davefranco #sethrogen #tommywiseau
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