The Meyerowitz Stories Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Netflix finally has a really good original movie. Who'd have thunk it would star Adam Sandler? This film boasts a great ensemble cast, and everyone is so good here. This might be Sandler's best work, he's special here. Ben Stiller plays a more interesting version of his character in Brad's Status, again killing it. Elizabeth Marvel is a scene stealer. Dustin Hoffman is as good as ever. Everyone slips into their characters so effortlessly. All the characters feel real and lived in, despite being portrayed by a recognizable star. Director Noah Baumbach loves digging into the layers of his characters and creating conflicts within those layers, and this is some of his most compassionate work yet. The writing is authentic and poignant, never feeling clichéd or forced. Alot of family dramas can feel phony, but this one rings true. This film is edited very abruptly and stylistically, and for me, it took me out of the moment. I totally get that he's going for a certain feeling with those quick cuts and random fade outs, but I wanted to live in those scenes a little bit longer. Overall, The Meyerowitz Stories is a master class in acting, featuring Adam Sandler at his best. The family dynamic Baumbach creates feels organic and progresses naturally. I wasn't on board for the style of editing used, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a damn good film. Check it out on Netflix. Score: 4.25/5 #themeyerowitzstories #netflix #adamsandler #benstiller #emmathompson #elizabethmarvel #dustinhoffman #noahbaumbach
4 days ago
Happy Death Day Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Happy Death Day is not a great film. Technically, I don't even know if I can call it a good one. But it may be the most pure fun I've had in a movie theater all year. This movie knows exactly what it is and it rolls with it. Jessica Rothe gives a genuinely good performance for what she has to do. If she was bad, this film would have fallen flat. She and everyone else involved embraces the redicolousness of the premise and has a blast with it. Judging from the trailer, I wasn't 100% sure if this film knew how dumb it was. Certain aspects are played a little too serious, of course there's a message that we've seen a thousand times, but the rest if the film is stupid fun. Overall, Happy Death Day is an absolute blast, accepting and acknowledging what it is and never trying to be more than a great time. Don't go in looking for anything but dumb fun, or you'll hate yourself. Bring a bunch of friends, stuff your face with popcorn, and enjoy. Score: 3.5/5 #happydeathday #fridaythe13th #jessicarothe
6 days ago
Super Dark Times Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Went into this thing knowing absolutely nothing. No trailer, no plot synopsis, nothing. I highly recommend you do the same, because holy shit. I'm going to keep this review extremely vague, because I really think the less you know the better the experience. Super Dark Times is an indie film about teens dealing with stuff. And it's fantastic. The performances are subtle and realistic. Cinematography is gorgoues. Great soundtrack. I'm really struggling with this whole vauge thing. This is the directorial debut of Kevin Phillips, and look out for this guy. He has room to improve, as Super Dark Times stumbles occasionally from a narrative perspective, but his ability to convey teen angst and adolescents is honestly some of the best I've ever seen. This film goes for it. Some will love where it goes, some won't. I ate up every minute. Overall, see this movie. It's on demand right now. It's not gonna be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a genuine breath of fresh air. Can't remember the last time I was surprised by a movie this much. Can't recommend it enough. You know how everyone's freaking out about Blade Runner? That's me with this. Score: 4.5/5 #superdarktimes #indie #indiemovie
10 days ago
Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Whenever you make a sequel to a great film decades later, you run the risk of tarnashing the legacy of the original or not giving it it's due diligence. While I don't love Blade Runner 2049 or think it is as special as it's being made out to be, this is one of the rare sequels that validate it's existence and are worthy of their predecessor. All the performances here are great, but there are two standouts I didn't anticipate. Sylvia Hoeks is a captivating screen presence, controlling every scene she's in. Ana de Armas, aside from being the most beautiful person on the planet, is mysterious and mesmerizing. I found these characters and their arcs more interesting than the lead characters. It goes without saying, but this is a visually stunning film. Denis Villeneuve once again proves his mastery of visual storytelling. While I personally don't think this film needed to be 163 minutes long, the eye popping visuals keep the film from feeling tedious, even when the plot stalls. This is a really good, well crafted film, but my main issue is the fact that I was left kind of cold at the end. All the questions here are the same as the ones addressed in the original, and while the story is interesting, it didn't give me much to think about. That normally wouldn't be an issue, but 2049 thinks it is something deeper and more meaningful than it actually is, hence the methodical pacing and long, drawn out shots. Overall, Blade Runner 2049 is an expertly made and visually stunning film that is worthy of its predecessor. It does some things plot wise I really liked, but it never elevated past being a standard film plot for me, as the original did. It's a very good film, just not one I'll be rushing out to see again or thinking much about. Score: 3.8/5 #bladerunner #bladerunner2049 #ryangosling #harrisonford #anadearmas #denisvilleneuve
14 days ago
Flatliners Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 That 3% rating had me hyped. Unfortunately, while there are some unintentionally hilarious moments, Flatliners is just a dud of a film. This film assembled some real talent, and it's quite puzzling that the final product is so uninspired. There's no sense of style from talented director Niels Arden Oplev, and the script is one of the worst of the year, penned by Source Code writer Ben Ripley. Ellen Paige is, on screen? She really doesn't do much. James Norton delivers one if the worst performances I've seen in a wide release film in ages. Nina Dobrev is attractive. Diego Luna is the highlight, but not because he's good. His character has some iconicly bad/hilarious lines. I guess this is a horror film, but aside from a handful of cheap jump scares, there is little effort to make this film scary. It's more of a science fiction drama, and a generic one at that. While it's not good by any means, I can't deny I was having a good time in the theater 2/3 of the way in. But the final act is, nothing. The film had a chance to embrace it's terribleness and go complete shlock, and it just does nothing. One of the strangest final acts I've ever seen. Overall, Flatliners doesn't live up to the promise of a 3% rating, as it's just a bland, lifeless movie that fails to generate any sense of excitement on screen. Diego Luna is terribly fun, and I had a good time laughing at it for 2/3 of the run time, but Flatliners falls completely flat by the time the credits role. This could have been one of the great bad movies, instead it's just bad. Score: 2/5 #flatliners #flatlinersmovie #ellenpaige #diegoluna #ninadobrev
18 days ago
American Made Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Fast-paced, energetic, and hard to believe it's based off a true story, American Made is a great surprise to close out a really solid month of September for film. Tom Cruise was the perfect choice for this role, and he nails it. The real life person he's portraying, Barry Seal, is genuinely unlikeable. Cruise brings an insane amount of charisma and charm to make you root for him despite what he's doing. Domhnall Gleeson and Sarah Wright deliver solid performances as well. Director Doug Liman injects this film with quick, sharp edits that keep the film feeling fun and fresh. The hand-held, documentary style filming used in most of this film adds to the chaotic nature of the story, making this one a ride from beginning to end. While the films fast-and-loose nature makes it extremely entertaining, it also presents the films biggest flaw. There's a lot happening in American Made, so much so that you are given little explanation or time to process the unbelievable nature of the story. Overall, American Made is one of the most entertaining films of the year, led by a dynamic lead performance from Tom Cruise, who's doing some of his best work in years. The films fast-paced, electric style leaves a little to be desired story wise, but it makes for a great viewing experience. I'm a sucker for films with a true story of this nature (see: War Dogs) and this is a great one. Score: 4.25/5 #americanmade #tomcruise #dougliman #domhnallgleeson #sarahwright
20 days ago
Favorite Films of 2017 So Far #scorethatfilm2017 It's time for some heavy hitting awards contenders to come out, so here are my favorite films of the year so far. 2017 has actually been a pretty great year for film. We haven't even hit awards season yet and I feel like I have a solid Top 10 of the year list. Let me know your faves of the year so far down below!
21 days ago
Brad's Status/Stronger Movie Reviews #scorethatfilm2017 Saw two smaller releases today that have some buzz around them. Here's my thunks: Brad's Status Very vanilla and predictable, but poignant and sharp in its delivery. Brad's Status won't blow you away in any regard, and about half way through the film I'd gotten the point and was just kind of waiting for it to end. But Ben Stiller is excellent, and while the internal monologue his character has throughout the film could have flopped, I thought it was really well done. The criticism many will use about this film is it's "white people problems". I don't think that's fair because that's the point of the film, this guy has a great life yet still isn't satisfied. It wraps up nicely, and while Brad's Status isn't wholly original, it is a nice September movie you can enjoy from the comfort of your home when it's available to rent. Score: 3/5 Stronger Didn't expect much, just a great Gyllenhaal performance. Surprised by how moved and invested I was in Stronger. The clichés and familiar story beats are there, but the unapologetic nature of the film makes it stand apart from similar crowd-pleasing true stories. The film isn't afraid to call out its protagonist, and they do a great job showing the struggle he went through physically but most importantly mentally. Gyllenhaal is of course fantastic, the Oscars need to wake the hell up. Tatiana Maslany was excellent as well, going toe-to-toe with one of the best in the business. Stronger really surprised me, and I highly recommend it. Score: 4/5 #bradsstatus #stronger #benstiller #jakegyllenhaal #jennafischer #tatianamaslany #strongermovie
24 days ago
Kingsman: The Golden Circle Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Take me home, country roads Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue ridge mountain, Shenandoah river, Life is old there, older than the trees, Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze Country roads, take me home To the place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain mamma,take me home Country roads All my memories, gather round her Modest lady, stranger to blue water Dark and dusty, painted on the sky Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye Country roads, take me home To the place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain mamma, take me home To the country roads I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me Radio reminds me of my home far away Driving down the road I get a feeling That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday Country roads, take me home To the place I belong, West virginia, Mountain mamma, take me home Country roads Country roads, take me home To the place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain mamma, take me home To the country roads Take me home, that country road Take me home, that country road John Denver's killing it this year. Score: 3.5/5 #kingsman #kingsmanthegoldencircle #channingtatum #taronegerton #juliannemoore #colinfirth #jeffbridges
27 days ago
Mother! Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Love it or hate it, this is what film is all about. A director, filled with passion, with a message he wants to tell the world. Art as a form of story telling that leaves the audience with something to talk about. Mother!, For better or worse, is starting a conversation, and I love it. So few films today have any passion or life to them. Even the ones that do are watered down to be accessible to a mainstream audience. Aaronofsky doesn't care. This is a vile, ugly, borderline offensive film. It feels so raw and honest, I can't help but respect the crap out of him. I'm not a Jennifer Lawrence fan, as an actress or a human being. But she's superb here, with most of the shots locked on her face. I truly felt every blow her character took. Javier Bardem is brilliant, conveying a sense of power and control. Ed Harris and Michelle Pfieffer are gold. Many will (and have) dismiss it as pretentious bullsh*t and torture porn. I can't say I blame them. You always here the phrase "It's not for everyone" when describing an indie/art house film, but Mother! is the epitamy of that phrase. Common audience members and film snobs alike will be across the board on this one, and that's fantastic. I personally love this film and what it set out to accomplish. An artist expressing his beliefs and feelings through his work is what I believe film is all about, and Aaronofsky holds nothing back with Mother!. I'm also very excited to see everyone's reaction and see what the conversation is around this film. Score: 🌟5/5🌟 #mother #mothermovie #jenniferlawrence #javierbardem #darrenaronofsky #edharris #michellepfeiffer
1 month ago
IT (2017) Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 There's an insane amount of hype and buzz around 2017's adaptation of 'IT'. While it does A LOT of things better than the 1990 version, it lacks the horror elements that version and especially the book captured. The cast is by far the best part of this film. All the kids are fantastic. Their banter and chemistry is really fun to watch. This film really focused on the characters and their interactions, which I really appreciated. 'IT' is a very entertaining and thrilling film, but it's just not scary. The jump scares are formulaic, and while there was some dark imagery, nothing stayed with me. Bill Skarsgard is good as Pennywise, but I never felt the terror I should have when he was on screen, he was just the bad guy the kids had to beat. At 135 minutes, I was consistently entertained throughout, but at a certain point the film got a little repetitive and I was ready for it to end. The decision to have this film take place just with the kids worked for me, but I was ready for the story to progress. As a singular film, 2017's 'IT' is a very entertaining thrill ride with awesome performances from it's young cast. As an adaptation, it fails to capture the horror and fear of the story it takes from. I can't knock it too much, as I really didn't have a great time in the theater, but I wanted 'IT' to stick with me more after I left. Very much on board for the next film, that one should be very interesting to see what they do. Score: 3.5/5 #It #itmovie #stephenking #pennywise #youllfloattoo
1 month ago
Top 10 Summer Movies 2017 #scorethatfilm2017 Summer 2017 has come to an end, so let's recap with my favorite flicks of the season. As usual, small/indie films dominate my list. This was overall a really great summer, if you saw the right movies. Honorable Mentions (Like I said, it was a good summer): Wind River Detroit Dunkirk Wonder Woman Spider-man: Homecoming 10: Ingrid Goes West Incredibly accurate social commentary and a great performance from Aubrey Plaza. Loses momentum by the end and there are some missed opportunities along the way, but this is a fun one. 9: Alien: Covenant Controversy! I'll be the first to admit this film is a mess. However I absolutely loved what they did with David as a character, and overall it's a weird and risky blockbuster you don't see very often. 8: Logan Lucky A film that has grown on me the more I've thought about it, Logan Lucky is a chill heist film with outstanding performances. An underrated gem from the summer. 7: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Surprised how much I dug this one. For me, it's everything a comic book movie should be, and it gave each character their own arc that I really enjoyed. 6: The Big Sick Not a rom-com fan, but this film just makes you feel good. It's hilarious and heartfelt at the same time, and it's a human story that really connects. 5: It Comes At Night Not exactly a fun summer flick, but a brutal film that eats away at your soul while you take in its beauty. I have a bad feeling this will be forgotten by many come the end of the year. 4: Brigsby Bear The feel good film of the summer, and a film that felt tailor-made for me. 3: Good Time An electrifying film that is alive in every sense of the word. Also includes my favorite performance of the year by Robert Pattinson. 2: A Ghost Story A stunning masterpiece. It's a heart breaking film that has stayed with me. If I wasn't so in love with my number one personally, this is easily the best film of the year thus far. 1: Baby Driver I mean, of course. I've seen it 5 times in the theater, what do you expect? Baby Driver is the encapsulation of what summer films should be. It just sings to me and every note is perfect.
2 months ago
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