Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 "Did the check clear? Do I like it?" - Rich Evans The Last Jedi comes off of the incredibly hyped The Force Awakens, a film lacking in originality and in my opinion, scared of taking risks. The Last Jedi takes risks. My Star Wars fandom has been through ups and downs the last couple years. At this point, I just want something fresh. The Last Jedi is full of twists and turns that feel like anything but the original trilogy. This is new Star Wars, and you can embrace that or not. I accepted it and had a really good time with this film. This is just a really fun sci-fi movie with genuine character moments. Can't really get into anything without spoilers, but the relationship dynamics between the characters were really interesting and unique. And this was just a fun movie to sit back and take in, without looking for every little Easter egg and reference. The Last Jedi isn't without its problems however. There's an entire subplot that basically goes nowhere, and some charachter development falls flat. This film is also borderline scholck at times, which is fine by me, but will weird out people. Overall, The Last Jedi is a really fun and charachter driven sci-fi film. I'm less into fan theories and Easter eggs and more into just having a good time and feeling for characters, which I did. I have issues, but overall I like this alot more than Force Awakens and am fascinated by what will come next. Score: 4/5 #starwars #thelastjedi #disney #lukeskywalker #markhamill #daisyridley #adamdriver #carriefisher
5 hours ago
The Disaster Artist Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Checked out this real Hollywood movie. This my review. This my life. As a cult follower of 'The Room', it would be impossible for this movie to please me 100%. I've watched the film many times, read the book by Greg Sestero that this film is based on, and absorbed as much information I could about the film and how it was made. The Disaster Artist is a really great film, whether you're a cultist or not. James Franco legitimately deserves awards recognition for his portrayal of the enigma that is Tommy Wiseau. It took me about 15 minutes to get into it, as it's literally impossible to portray such a man. But Franco embodies who Tommy is, and I got lost in his performance more and more as the film went on. Dave Franco as Greg Sestero is really strong as well. What makes this film work is the perfect mix of comedy and genuine heart. This is one of the funniest films of the year, yet it packs an emotional punch. You feel for Tommy and everyone involved as they struggle with personal demons and trying to make it in this business. It's a film about dreamers, even if their dreams are far beyond their grasp. This is beautifully portrayed, specifically in the final act, and I left this film with a huge smile on my face. My only real issue is that the film isn't five hours long. There's so much stuff the film skips over for time, I just wanted more, which is a compliment to this film. There's also a specific scene involving a cameo that is made up to add drama and stakes to a moment, and I don't think it was necessary. But other than that, this film was a blast. Overall, The Disaster Artist is an extremely entertaining and well done film about the most infamous movie ever made. James Franco portrays Tommy Wiseau the best that can be done, and he takes a genuinly heartfelt approach to this story and those involved. I could have watched a five hour cut, I had such a good time. I don't think you need to have seen The Room or be a cult follower to enjoy this, but it sure helps. Score: 4.5/5 #thedisasterartist #theroom #jamesfranco #davefranco #sethrogen #tommywiseau
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Coco Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Saw this on a whim, didn't really intend to check it out. I'm not the biggest animated fan, and this was getting so over-hyped I didn't have much interest. Wow. Coco blew me away. This is a beautiful film in every way possible. The animation is astounding, and the detail and effort put into the music is incredible. But what separates this from most animated films is it got me man. Right in the feels. The message about family universal, and is masterfully done. Coco does follow a familiar Pixar formula, and at no point was I surprised by anything that happened. But when this film hits, it goes for the jugular. And while it is formulaic, it's done extremely well, and I was entranced by this film from beginning to end. Overall, Coco is the best animated film I've seen in years. These movies don't usually get to me emotionally, but Coco wrecked me. The animation is gorgeous, I was entranced by the familiar story,and the themes and emotional beats hit so hard for me. Believe the hype on this one. Might be the first animated film to crack my best of the year list in a long time. Ya got me Pixar. Score: 4.5/5 #coco #cocomovie #pixar #animation
11 days ago
2017 Superhero Films Ranked #scorethatfilm2017 2017 was a year of solid superhero films. I didn't piss my pants over every single one like some people, but they were mostly enjoyable. I'm kind of tired if the genre as a whole, but this was a fine group. 1: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - 4.5/5 2: Wonder Woman - 3.75/5 3: Thor: Ragnarok - 3.5/5 4: Spider-Man: Homecoming - 3.5/5 5: Logan - 3/5 6: Justice League - 1.75/5 #guardiansofthegalaxyvol2 #guardiansofthegalaxy #wonderwoman #galgadot #thorragnarok #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #tomholland #logan #hughjackman #justiceleague
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Lady Bird Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 A good-natured, honest coming of age film. Greta Gerwig isn't someone I'd say I'm very familiar with, but her directorial debut is a lovely one. Saoirse Ronan leads the charge with a captivating lead performance, but the standout to me was her mother, played beautifully by Laurie Metcalf. Lucas Hedges is really solid here as well. This is just a nice film to watch. There's nothing synical about it, it's an honest story of a young girl figuring out there's more to life than yourself. Your actions impact those around you. There's no glaring problems with this film, it just never grabbed me. The coming of age genre has some tropes, and while they are done well here, they do make the film predictable. But again, it's a joy to watch. Overall, Lady Bird is a fine film, featuring great performances and showcasing what Gerwig is capable of behind the camera. I'm looking forward to what she does next, as I really enjoyed Lady Bird, but I think better things are in her future. Score: 3.6/5 #ladybird #gretagerwig #saoirseronan #lauriemetcalf #lucashedges
22 days ago
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 The angriest, funniest, and probably the best film of the year. Martin McDonagh has delivered his masterpiece in the form of anarchy and charachter driven themes rooted in modern day America. Frances McDormand is absolutely as good as advertised. There are more layers to her character than the trailer let's on, and she sells it. Sam Rockwell is one of my favorite actors working today, and this is some of his best work. Both should get awards recognition. Woody Harrelson and Peter Dinklage are also great. Three Billboards uses vile language and violent outbursts to paint an accurate picture of modern day hatred in America. McDonagh takes that hate and delivers a film about forgiveness and compassion. I was shocked at how moved I was by some of this, and each character has more to them than is on the surface. Oh, and this is also a phenomenal theater experience. The dark comedy worked on every level for me, and I was absolutely locked in from beginning to end. Without spoiling, the Rockwell tracking shot is my favorite scene in a long time. There are lots of standout moments that make it a film I will see multiple times in theaters. Overall, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri manages to masterfully pull off being gut-bustingly hilarious and emotionally gutting. I was enthralled from beginning to end, and can't stop thinking about it. I could nit pick some pacing issues or plot details, but I just don't care. This isn't a perfect film, but it's a perfect film for me. Score: 🌟5/5🌟 #threebillboards #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #samrockwell #woodyharrelson #peterdinklage #martinmcdonagh
23 days ago
Justice League Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017  There's only so many ways to say a movie is bad. Almost nothing worked for me. I'll be the first to say I'm not a fan of Zack Snyder's vision for the DCEU, but at least he had a vision. I'd watch Batman V Superman 10 times before I sit through this slog again. Justice League is the definition of a studio movie. The film feels rushed and severally edited down. Unfunny jokes are inserted in between lifeless action scenes. And the villain is straight out of a PS2 game. The only stuff I can say I kind of liked are some of the smaller character interactions. Wonder Woman and Batman, Aquaman has a nice scene. But these go nowhere. This does not feel like a team by the end. They sure came together, but never really worked off each other. I keep hearing people call this movie "A mess, but a fun one." I didn't have fun at all with JL. I was very bored for most of the film, and then the final battle kind of, ends. It sure is a mess though. Overall, Justice League is a bland, lifeless, studio disaster. Hopefully Warner Bros takes a step back and realizes they are fumbling away one of the biggest properties ever, and drastic changes take place. For now, keep eating that garbage boys! Score: 1.75/5 #justiceleague #dc #dceu #zacksnyder #benaffleck #galgadot #jasonmamoa #ezramiller
25 days ago
Murder on the Orient Express Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 The cast here is absolutely fantastic. Everyone brings their A-game, and the performances are what carry this film. My standouts are Kenneth Branagh, of course, Michelle Pfieffer, and Johnny Depp. I really enjoyed the old school vibe of the film. It truly felt like I was watching a film from decades ago, with a modern polish to it. It was a nice change of pace. That's where my positives end unfortunately. Orient Express moves at a snail's pace. That could work, but there was little to no tension built up despite the murder mystery at hand. The whole situation feels under control and I never was invested in the actual story. The story is another issue I have, but I can't really blame the film for it. Like most books, the story is kind of lame. The middle of the film dragged, and by the end I was left a little cold by the story. Overall, Murder on the Orient Express is a brilliantly acted film that has an old school feel I enjoyed watching. The story never grabbed me, and I was kind of left cold by the time the credits rolled. Can't say it's worth a theater watch, but it's a fine rental, for the acting and direction alone. Score: 3/5 #murderontheorientexpress #kennethbranagh #michellepfeiffer #johnnydepp #daisyridley
1 month ago
Daddy's Home 2 Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 Never thought I'd be the guy defending the Daddy's Home franchise, but we live in Trump's America now, anything can happen. These movies are fine! I really don't get the pure hate critics have piled on these two films. Are they perfectly crafted stories with unexpected twists? No. I won't even say Daddy's Home 1 and 2 are good movies, but they are perfectly watchable family comedies. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg have solid chemistry, and they both do their thing here. Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are fine editions, and I really enjoyed John Cena in this one. The story here is very formulaic and predictable, but it was pretty well executed and earned some emotional moments. The comedy relies a little too much on callbacks to the original and Will Ferrell falling and getting the crap beat out of him, but it has a good amount of laughs throughout. Overall, Daddy's Home 2, like its predecessor, is a perfectly watchable family comedy. It's not anything new, and you'll forget it in a day or two, but I had a fine time in the theater, and the whole family can enjoy it. It's not like, good, but it's far from the worst thing I've seen this year. Score: 2.75/5 #daddyshome #daddyshome2 #willferrell #markwhalberg #johnlithgow #melgibson #johncena
1 month ago
The Killing of a Sacred Deer Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 It's been a hot minute since a film made me feel genuinely uncomfortable and dread what would happen next, in a good way. The performances here are phenomenal. Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman are at their best, and Barry Keoghan delivers a star turning performance that is just plain disturbing. I knew very little going in to this film, and I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Yorgos Lanthimos can make a motion picture, and his approach to physchological horror and tension is masterful. The cinematography is chilling and Lanthimos creates a feeling of impending doom that you know there is no escape from no matter what you do. Overall, I can't recommend The Killing of a Sacred Deer enough. This film and Mother! are the only films I've had visceral reactions to this year, and it's a glorious feeling. If you're down for a beautiful nightmare that leaves you feeling messed up in the best way possible, don't miss this one. One of the best of the year. Score: 4.75/5 #thekillingofasacreddeer #yorgoslanthimos #colinfarrell #nicolekidman #barrykeoghan #a24 #a24films
1 month ago
The Only Living Boy in New York Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 I'm a little too forgiving when it comes to indie/hipster films about well off white people and their first world problems. I can only out up with so much dang it. This is one of the most hokey films of the year. Every character talks like a drunk washed up University professor. There are so many bullshit speaches that are completely out of context and mean nothing. Everyone involved here should know better. I really like Marc Webb, but come on man save this garbage script. Jeff Bridges delivers drunken dialogue and appears whenever the plot needs him. Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous, but all she gets to do here is look good. The script didn't do anyone any favors. The big "reveal" at the end made my eyes roll out the back of my head. This is a sappy drama that thinks it's deep and meaningful, but ultimately is hollow and lacking any sort of emotion. And I guess this is supposed to be a coming of age movie? That arc is redicolous. Overall, The Only Living Boy in New York is a complete disaster. It's nowhere close to as deep as it thinks it is, and the plot turns laughably sappy by the end. Oh, and they say the title of the film as a plot point and use the song in the movie. Enough said. Score: 1.5/5 #theonlylivingboyinnewyork #marcwebb #katebeckinsale #jeffbridges #piercebrosnan
1 month ago
The Emoji Movie: An In-Depth Analysis #scorethatfilm2017 #scorethatfilmfavorites Very cool. Every year it seems there's that one film everyone craps on and calls the worst movie of all time, and it's actually half decent. People throw blind hate without actually giving the film a fair shake. And that's exactly what we have here, with Sony Pictures latest hit, The Emoji Mov- Fuck it. Score: 1/5 #theemojimovie #2017sucks #scarierthankevinspacey
1 month ago
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