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Tag your friend that like @angelxss so much. 🎦 • • • • •
2 hours ago
#selfie day 20 wearing my hottie today on my neck and shoulder. In pain think I slept funny. #selfieaday #selfiechallenge #selfieadaychallenge #365selfiechallenge
3 hours ago
January 19th, 2018 #selfie #selfieaday
4 hours ago
I had a really productive day today. First I woke up way earlier than I needed to, so with the spare time I cleaned up my desk, then I went to a calligraphy course that Dad bought me a ticket to for Christmas, it was really good. When I got home I brought my business reporting document up to date (for all things @emmakatecreations and tutoring), got my tutoring folders ready, and applied for some jobs. Then I played Stardew Valley for a bit and now I'm watching NCIS. The only bad thing that happened today was that the boyfriend is being taken to Sorrento with his mum tomorrow and I was going to stay over at his place tomorrow night. Apparently he can't put ear drops in himself (he's got a burst eardrum as well as glandular fever) so his mum decided he has to be with her so she can put them in for him, sigh. #8pmselfie
4 hours ago
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