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goodmorning guys i hope you all have a good ass day
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My beautiful Mama Bodkins ❤️ this photo Was taken about 3 days before i Pushed her down the Stairs. God rest her soul :’) #moustachesofinstagram #moustache #beards #beard #bearded #beardsofinstagram #beautiful #pretty #beauty #mummydearest #milkyeye #ritual #blackmagic #serialkiller #fear #foul #faust #scare #scar #scary #hell
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Lyin ass serial killer bitch! #killaryclinton #fraud #serialkiller #hillaryforprison
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Part 1 of 2 Betty Hill : This lady went through hell. Not only being one half of an inter racial couple, in America in the 50’s. But also being the first recorded alien abductee. Having needles inserted into her, hypnotic regression and disbelieved. She drew a map of a star system that NO ONE at the time could have possibly known. That’s NO ONE mind, only to be prove correct a decade later. To me, as I want to believe is one case that’s got some prof to it. #serialkillers #serialkiller #art #artwork #illustration #illustrations #illustrator #crimes #serialkillerart #darkart #darkartist #dotwork #portrait #truecrimepodcast #killers #truecommissary #drawing #penandink #dotwork #dotworker #killer #aliens #alienabduction #bettyandbarneyhill #abducted #abductme #50s #vintage #1950style #conspiracytheory
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Para a criminologia do cotidiano que analisa os comportamentos de maneira crítica e pluridisciplinar os personagens icônicos do quadrinhos são sempre ricos em reflexão. No caso acima temos dois tipos que se desviam do padrão social (pelo menos durante um período do dia), que agem muitas vezes ao arrepio da lei e que justificam seus atos sempre com perspectivas bem pessoais. O critério de justiça é elástico para ambos e no fundo os dois parecem gozar com o seu ofício. Ambos passaram por experiências traumáticas, mas apenas um acredita de maneira messiânica que cumpre um papel sacro (de Salvador) da cidade. Nessa perspectiva o justiceiro pode se tornar ainda mais perigoso. O mais alarmante é que enquanto coringa emerge como padrão não desejável e marginal, o Batman surge como padrão moral(?) e legal (?). O que mostra um pouco da sociedade atual e o que ela espera das autoridades. PS: ( a análise livre e despretensiosa foi feita a partir dos filmes de Nolan. Nos quadrinhos estes dois personagens são muito mais complexos, mais igualmente dúbios) #rubenscorreiajr #criminologia #ipebj #nolan #batman #coringa #joker #serialkiller
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“The true, haunting story of young Jeffrey Dahmer -- the shy adolescent in high school who becomes a notorious serial killer years later.”
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THE SNOWMAN (2017) ❗️Rating: 5.6/10 🌟 What are you thoughts on this film? Share it with me in the comments! When Harry Hole, a policeman in Oslo, receives a chilling note from a man who identifies himself with the symbol of a snowman, and women begin to mysteriously disappear, he gets sucked into an investigation that ultimately puts his life and those around him in grave danger. This film initially sounded very promising since it is adapted from a best-selling novel. The trailer, poster and title also implied that it’s a fast-paced thriller, but The Snowman is a sopping wet disappointment. Every aspect of the it only makes it out to be a highly procedural and unoriginal crime movie. The moving parts of its plot are structured almost like a Criminal Minds episode, which is never a good trait for a film to have because it is predictable. The first act is draggy and messy while the third act is, due to its quicker pace, somewhat more enjoyable despite its lame resolution. While the writers try to make it an intelligent crime noir, The Snowman is merely a weak whodunnit film that involves plenty of convenient plot points which insult the intelligence of both the characters and the audience. The way the film reveals the elements of its mystery is oversimplified and possibly even lazy; at times, the audience figures things out considerably faster than the supposedly smart characters. (CONT'D IN COMMENTS)
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