It's been an extremely long day. I drove 11 hrs total today in order to attend my aunt's funeral and to be with my family for about 5 hours. I made sure to get in a 2 mile run just before I headed home 💙 Today on my drive, I was asked if I would like to try running the Chicago marathon. Typically my immediate answer is no. However, since I felt amazing at the NYC half, I had thought that it might be something that I could actually accomplish. While at the funeral, a story was told about my Aunt and how she used to be a runner. I hadn't known this until recently and in that moment I thought "maybe I should just go for it." After the funeral, I checked my phone where @jalvarezdesolis13 had called me out about signing up because she just did. With all the peer pressure from all my friends and the signs from my could I say anything but sign me up! This will be my first marathon (assuming I get in with the lottery). Let me go ahead and start apologizing for the things I will say during summer training 😂 @lesley_kal0415 we need to get married before training starts! Just in case you change your mind about me 😘😝😍 #stephanierunskansas #ictmrtt #balegaimpi#balegainternational#runhappy #instarunners #runstagrammm#monitorthebeat #runitfast#runnerscommunity#wearetherunners#womensrunningcommunity#runkansas#runict #runwichita #runselfierepeat#sherunsthistown#garmin#beatyesterday#runsmartproject #vdottraining
33 minutes ago
5k with my favorite running partner tonight 🐕 #sherunsthistown #mrttcos #runnersofinstagram #nuunlife #hshive
2 hours ago
I’ve missed my friend! She’s a badass training for an Ironman!
3 hours ago
I was not going to let a record setting snow - for this date in Louisville - stop me from getting my run in 👊🏻🏃🏼‍♀️Didn’t get to go the route I wanted and ended up doing hills The tree behind me I had to climb over and under and two more of its friends 🤪🤦🏼‍♀️
1 day ago
Manitou Incline after work today! I totaled out the evening with 6.5 miles between the walk from my car to the base of the incline, the hike up, and then the run down to my car! Thank goodness I didn't fall this time. I even saw someone at the top that recognized the #wichitaflag #goodr #junkbrands #idhikethat #mrttcos #sherunsthistown #hikecolorado #hshive #nuunbassador #honeystinger #manitouincline
1 day ago
Missy showin off her shades with Uncle Aaron #shadeson #sherunsthistown #mydaughterscoolerthanyou
1 day ago
OUCH! Am I right? I read this while training to get my running coach certification and it always stuck with me. As runners we can spend a ton of time running, working on form, cross training, researching the latest gear, etc. but often times taking the time to plan out meals and follow through to keep your body fueled at it's best can sometimes be a challenge. Here in the south food is treated like a social thing more than it is fuel - it's how we socialize! Bouncing off of what I said yesterday, this season of putting my nutrition back in a priority spot, I'm going to remember this. All this time training, I can make time to eat right too. 🍏 ••• This strike a cord with you guys too?
1 day ago
How have we gone 79 days into 2018 already!? Time has FLOWN by and it’s already the first day of SPRING.... Well let's face it Southern TX doesn't really get a spring- we're just straight from cold to hot hot summer! However, I love using a new season as an excuse to reset! I feel like it's a place to give myself a fresh start, to double down on a goal that over time has taken a back seat or re-evaluate and create a new one that fits where I currently am. Today I'm taking some time to reestablish healthy eating habits (that went out the door anniversary weekend), getting back into the gym regularly (no excuses!), and some other personal goals that'll stay a secret (at least for now). 😉 ••• How do you welcome spring?
2 days ago
I ran my 4th full marathon this weekend. My 2nd time running the L.A. marathon. I did not only shave 24 min off my time from last year, but also PR'd my full marathon time!! #marathon #laloyal #lamarathon #gorunla #werunla #finisher #trainingpaidoff #twoleggedmermaid #mermaidatheart #girlstrong #sherunsthistown #mrtt #socalrunner #doubleplaychallenge #finishermedal #raceday #racebling #irunforbling #stadiumtothesea #fitmom #ididit
3 days ago
The United NYC half marathon was everything I hoped it was and more!!!! Running over the Manhattan Bridge, on the FDR, through Times Square, and through Central Park ❤️ I smiled the entire race and felt no pain (until I hit the hills 😝). There were several times that I wanted to walk up cat hill but I told myself that I didn't come all this way and work so hard to walk during this race! I planned on running a 2:10:00 and staying with the pacer. I forced myself to stay behind the pacer until Times Square. I got caught up I the moment and took off. I ended up running a 2:08:58 🙌 This was exactly what I needed considering all my injuries this year. I'm looking forward to running another half in April and hoping for a shiny new PR 💜 Thank you NYC! #stephanierunskansas #ictmrtt #balegaimpi#balegainternational#runhappy #instarunners #runstagrammm#monitorthebeat #runitfast#runnerscommunity#wearetherunners#womensrunningcommunity#runkansas#runict #runwichita #runselfierepeat#sherunsthistown#garmin#beatyesterday#unitednychalf#runsmartproject #vdottraining
3 days ago
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