Eyes as blue as the waves your Mum chases, demanding the attention of the world that passed. Glimmer on your silver coat would stop them in their tracks, and the girls, how you made them laugh. I took you to the shop and everybody loved your jacket, pointing out the obvious, he's handsome. Or the night you got away, I felt the panic overcome, but you had made your way to home and I was thankful. Iv never cried so hard when I scooped you in my arms, but deep inside, I was proud of what you done. I dropped you off at your new home, tears were there again, but I was happy you were gonna have such fun. Today I got the call to say you made it to the rainbow bridge, and I'm in pain like your my own and that's my son. Run free little one, find your baby brother, and il see you one day, so will your Mother. 😔🌈💙🐾 #sinatra #restinpeace #neverbeforgotten #inmyheart #memories #babypuppyboy 😭 #broken #notfair #lovehurts #rip #duglife 🐾
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You may be cool, but you’ll never be "Frank Sinatra stepping out of a helicopter with a whiskey in his hand cool" - ———— 📷 @therakeonline - ———— #franksinatra #whiskey #luxurylife #helicopter #classy #sinatra #luxurylifestyle #gentleman #style #oldbutgold
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Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner
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Criando a rotina de dar uma escapada na rotina pra fazer o que mais amo! 🎸🎼🎤 . In other words, I love you! 💕 . #franksinatra #flymetothemoon #jazz #acoustic
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ICONIC - Frank Sinatra 1915-1998 #icon #iconic #franksinatra #sinatra Commandez le livre ICONIC dans ma bio !
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