When you tell yourself you only missed one day of the #oodlesofdoodleschallengejan, and it's actually been four 😆 As a non-skier, I was so confused by the gondola! Thank goodness for Google . . . #winterwonderland #skiing #bulletjournal #doodlechallenge #bulletjournalintravelersnotebook #travelersnotebook #chicsparrow
20 seconds ago
After yet a day in the mountains it was time to go back to our little house in the valley, where a lot of fog was awaiting us. Magnificent sight! And peculiar to slowly drive into the fog..☁️
33 seconds ago
If you’re planning a trip up Cornice Ridge make sure you check weather and avalanche reports! the trip up is definitely worth the views. Stay safe! 🏔️ #kootenayhikes
42 seconds ago
Ski Slopes. Here. We. Come!!!!!!!
4 minutes ago
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