Hey guyys So first meal of the day : 6 rusks = 120 calories 2 ts of jams = 80 calories Total for now = 200 calories Not that bad haha~
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I'm afraid of weighing me •irrelevant tags• #anorexia #skinny #thin #thinner #skinnier #skinnygirl #ana #mia
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Guess who’s a fuck up, she begins with an M and ends with an N. Like fuck, I’m sorry it’s hard to show my emotions but for the past couple of days I find it hard to actually trust anyone. My brain is messed up now. It’s changed. It’s thinking obscure thoughts. I’m having urges to cut because my body craves it. My thoughts of starving are worse then ever. Fuck, I just want to be perfect. I want to be cared for. I want to be loved. I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.. #depressed #skinny #thin #anorexia #skinnier #thinner #depression #anorexìanervosa #bulimia #ana #mia #anamia #anxiety #diet #vegatarian #vegatarianism #anemia #anemic #this_is_r_life
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Heey guys ! Omg im so so sooo sorry, I didn't post for supeeeer long time 😅😅 But actually I had a really hard week... These days I have binged a lot and gain a looot of weight, I think I have gain as much as my starting weight... Whatever ahha i want to loose all that fat again and im motivated ! Soo I did a little plan of the calories for this week 😊 Its not too less and no fasting day like that I know that I will not binge ( I hope !! ) I will post what I eat here ( or in my story ) so if you are interested about that, stay tuned ❤️ Btw I hope that for you all go well, you can do it ! ♡
18 hours ago
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