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Das ist für eine Freundin entstanden. #harrypotter #voldemort #snape #slytherin #hp
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🐍🐍 CALLING ALL SLYTHERINS! New house shirt available in our Etsy shop now. Head to blissfullybookish.etsy.com or follow the link in our bio 👆🏻 to pick up your tank or tee.
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Snapchat Stories Theme * Slytherin Squad Part 2 * Accounts used: @:youngsafetypin @:camillejansen @:zoardheuze @:dajanrads
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Look at how beautiful this loose leaf blend is!!! It's like a very Slytherin Christmas in a tin! 🐍🎄 Needed a little departure from my normal sweet tooth so this was the perfect day to brew my cup of Ambition. The spicy notes from the cloves and peppercorn is delicious! Annnnd while I'm here, @rheya_reads tagged me to do the #mybookishfunfacts! Thank you, thank you! Person/thing that inspires you to read? 🍃 My BFFL @stereoroses and everyone in this community!! The beautiful artwork/teas/candles/goodies that some of you fabulously talented people make have really inspired me to seek new series and authors out! One author you would ask to write the story of your life? 🍃 J.R.R. Tolkien. I want an epic saga of my life, and all of the trials and tribulations therein, woven with the magical elements of my traditions and culture. Throw in some elves, Hobbit parties, a dragon or two.... I'd stay the hell away from George R.R. Martin though. I'd want to actually live during the story of my life lololol. Fave snack/drink while reading? 🍃 I normally read in bed, so water only haha. Nothing exciting! Also, I flail around a lot during particularly funny or exciting bits soooo food and drinks would go flying. Whoops! One reading habit that non- readers find weird? 🍃 SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. 🤣 Who needs rest or sustenance when you're thick in middle of a good story! Weaklings, that's who!! JK I love food too much, I still need my meals and snack times. Proper Hobbit, I am. Share some ideas of how you want to organize your books? 🍃 I'm a simple person (ha) I really just need more bookcases/shelves/ rooms/A HOUSE because it's getting to that point where things are being stacked atop other stacks with stacks on the side and stacks in the back. Stacks on stacks errrrrwhere!!!! 📚 TAGGED SOME BEAUTIFUL FOLKS! 💚
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