Harry, listen to me. I do understand what you're going through. You said that you are gay and that's who you are. But please, think twice on this. Think carefully. Don't argue with me without even listening to me this carefully, boy! Ok, ok, I'm sorry. I shouldn't do that. Sorry, OK? All I wanted to say to you is... Give yourself a rest. PLEASE. You are done with that girl, Weasley? That's ok. You're OK. Believe your old grumpy professor, ok? Take a rest and fly somewhere. With a broomstick or a plane. Whatever. Go to the sea and take a sun bath. Then, when you'll get ready, and you'll know it, come back here. All this feelings will pass away, I promise. If not., Potter, I said IF NOT, return to me. I won't say 'no' for the second time. Not to you. I just had to be careful, I still haven't that #ucking stone. I'll be dead after your decline. I'm not kidding. This heart coudn't manage this. Or I'll go crazy, crazier than Albus was. I will start collecting wrackspurts or something, you know. So please go and think twice. For few years, at least. Then return here, and if you will have same feelings, we'd try this. I promise. Don't. Touch. Me. Please. Thank you. Go to the sea, Potter. You said, that my eyes are familiar to Black sea, and you never been there? You're a big dreamer. Go and dream somewhere else. Do me a favor. Please? I just can't let you do that to your reputation and life. You had enough men around you to become one of them. You're not like me, but even I passed it. Left this little broken thoughts beside. Go and sleep well. And then take a ticket somewhere. Free your mind. Take a good rest, not for searching for someone, but to find yourself. And I'll be here. I'll wait for you, because I gave you a promise. Newer wondered why I'm forever alone? You're not the first, not the last one. Boys are giving their hearts to me from time to time. But none of them came here again. That's all I can say to you, so if you're truly in love, you'll think about my weak heart. And listen to my advice. Thank you. And sorry for the pain, it wasn't done on purpose. See you. #snarry #harrypotter #severussnape
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I truly love this gif😊💚 from Harry saying "sh*t , I'm caught" to Severus saying "bloody hormonal teenagers"...😂...its really funny and cute♡ . @severussnaperickman dont be daydreaming like Harry during class (I know its hard if you have a teacher like Snape) and good luck with your exams 🌹💕📚✏️ . 🎨creds to littleMy-PequeniaMi on deviantart❤️ . . #snarry#severussnape#harrypotter#snape#harryxsnape#snarryship#potionsmaster#snarrygif#potionsclasroom#snapexharry#prosnape#cantlovesnapealone
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's post. Ahahahha omg it's obviously drapple. 🙄 Why can't people understand that Draco and his apple 🍏 belong together?? 😩 Ever since they appeared in the third movie I've been obsessed. 👀 Art belongs to Flayu/Hinakick-Web 💕⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💮 💮 💮 TAGS: [#harrypotter #hp #potterhead #harrypotterslash #harrypottermemes #memes #tomarry #harrymort #tomarrymort #lordvoldemort #voldemort #tomriddle #otp #gay #yaoi #slash #bottomharry #harrybottoms #crackship #drarry #snarry #snape #severussnape #severus #draco #malfoy #dracomalfoy #drapple ]
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Credits to artist ~#snarry
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