ok but despite the fact that we were losing, could the kill not be any more smoother? Haha I felt good after that, but then again its common. And yes this was a while ago, I was watching some videos I recorded sometime ago, and spotted this moment and decided to take it. 🥀🐰🥕 . . . . . . . . . #pg3d #pixelgun3d #pixelgun #score #sniper #instagram #pg #gg #highscore #minecraft #mobilegaming #pg3dgamer #pg3dsnipes
21 days ago
11 days ago
I MADE IT! FINALLY! ROAD TO 50!! I'M SO PROUD OF MY WORK, BEEN TRYING TO GET TO 40 AND STRUGGLING SO BADLY AND PUSHING MYSELF TO THE LIMITS, AND I FINALLY MADE IT!! ______________________________________________________________ I joined another clan again, sometime might rebuild my clan if I have the chance to.. || clan leader @conspicay_memes || aside from all this excitement, I just wanna say an early Happy Martin Luther King's Day. All my respect goes out to him. Love and peace for all. Equality and justice for all. ||🙌🙌🏻🙌🏽🙌🏿🌍❤️|| we are all the same in the inside. Doesn't matter if you are Asian, African, Hispanic, Mexican, ANYTHING, YOU MATTER, YOU ARE IMPORTANT, don't let hate overtake you. Because, you are beautiful in your own way. Grown from deep down roots, may your soul live in peace and love.
5 days ago
Skdkjdjajajzjxjxuysbandicjdnaaiudhdnwowodhfbryeiwjsuffhejwie fyfbwjwodifhdbsusuxbdbaiaidyfheuwisijdfgusbwbwudufbwjaodjfuejwnqosohxhdawyegrbficoxn ok
2 days ago
Lolololololololololololololol so apparently I can't play because everytime I do it lags then stops then lags and it's the 2d time it has happened and it's annoying, also, strangely, when I do a headshot to someone I have to hit them 5 times. 🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻
2 days ago
Jika kamu mencari uang kamu akn dpt uang.. Tpi jika kamu mencari ilmu kamu akn dpt ilmu+uang yg mengikuti usaha dan kerja kerasmu selama ini...#surveyor #proyek #money #live #gkm #fightermoney #bagunan #love #family #likeforlike #dominiko #sniper
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SBC in fora little love #sniper #lsxkilrcustomcalibrations
7 minutes ago
RISHTON ki raSsi kaMzOr tAb hOti hAi #jAab_iNsan GALAT FEHMI mE pAiða hOnE waLO SawaLOon kA jawaB khuð hE sOch LetA hAi #siZzLer 🔪 #snipEr 🔫
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