This message is for you. I was guided to tag you. 🌬️✨💛🌟🌟💛✨The Goddess of Compassion is with you now. Self criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth. The goddess of compassion is with you now to ask you to be more compassionate towards yourself. At the core of every living thing only love exists. Your personality and the role you play in this life is only transitory and ultimately an illusion. All that you perceive to be good or bad are necessary aspects of who you are; positive and negative qualities exist in everyone and in everything. In reality there is neither positive nor negative, only opposite qualities which together make us whole. Self criticism is diminishing your sense of self-worth and keeping you in the illusion that you need to improve in order to be worthy of success, happiness and fulfillment. Have compassion; love and accept all of who you are, as you are, and stop striving for something that is impossible for you to be. Through love your life magically transforms.
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Last Night 💋
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Subliminal Sequel, Silent Language & a beautiful golden growler 🍻 #sundayfunday #blessings . . Muchisimas gracias Kiki! 😘👯 @kikimouse05
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Hand made cards at NUDA 🎁 Shop local this Holiday and support local artists while your at it! #HandMadeGifts
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Here's to the the official start of my 2 week Christmas/New Year vacation before I head off on the next chapter of my big gurrrrl adventure! 2017, you've been a hell of a year but I think it's safe to say I kicked yo motha fucking ass and achieved every goal I set! (with the help of coffee of course😜) 👊🏼👊🏼☕️🎄❤️
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You know your ready to get out of the malls right about now. Come by and visit us to sit back and relax and get some of your sanity back. Wether it's just for a drink or a full on meal . We are here . See you soon. Full menu available from lounge. . . #bayareafoodie #sjfoodie #localbrew #eatbayarea #bayareabites #bayareagrub #instafoods #foodiechats #igfoodie #goodeats #bestfoodbayarea #bayareaeats #bayarea #sjdowntown #southbayeats #bayareabuzz #instafoodie #bayareafood #sanjose #cocktails #mixology #lounge #happyhour #cocktailtime #instadrinks #cocktails #mixology #southbay #hungrysouthbay #bayareawhatsin #christmasshopping
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