Late 1990s, our kids (before Quentin), on Standing Indian Mountain, North Carolina. Getting kids outside, away from screens, interacting with each other, breathing in the fresh air and beholding the beauty of creation, is essential, in my opinion, to healthy well adjusted kids.
3 days ago
A longer than normal cold snap in the #SouthernAppalachians brought many a photo of frozen waterfalls and adventurous ice climbers into our feed over the weekend. This moment was captured by Halley Burleson of @appexposures in the the #LinvilleGorge. Click the link in our profile for an in-depth look at the small but dedicated #NorthCarolina #iceclimbing scene. #myblueridge #gooutsideandplay
12 days ago
Welcome 2018! Have you made your resolutions yet? Take some advice from Foxfire contact Kenny Runion: "Well now one thing--you've got to have faith in it. You've got to have faith in anything. You can go out there to make something and say 'Ah, I can't make this thing.' You just as well quit. You've got to have faith. Shore have. I believe in it." Start the year off right and learn more about Kenny's words of wisdom in Foxfire 2!
18 days ago
“She could not make sense of the things that were meant for her, but she was drawn to it all. And when she was alone, she felt like the moon: terrified of the sky, but completely in love with the way it held the stars.”- r.m. drake . 📸: @andyo1160 . #mood #nightsky #cabin #retreat #refuge #starrynight #seealittlelight #starlight #828isgreat #southernappalachians #woods #cabinsweetcabin #latergram #takemeback #happyplace
1 month ago
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