The Gibson Marauder was an electric guitar model produced by Gibson. Around 7,111 were made between 1975 and 1979, and a prototype in 1974. Most common was the natural satin finish on 4,758 of the Marauders. 1,368 were finished in the colour wine-red, 460 were finished in Ebony, and 240 in tobacco sunburst. The Marauder sports a contoured single cutaway Les Paul-shaped body, and a bolt on a maple neck with a headstock similar to the Flying V's. Marauders were made with alder, maple, or mahogany bodies. The fretboard was produced both in the traditional Gibson rosewood, or a more Fender-like maple, both with 22 frets. Most had dot markers, though some may have had trapezoid. Every Marauder featured custom-designed Bill Lawrence pickups sealed in clear epoxy. The guitar had a regular-sized humbucker pickup in the neck position and a small humbucker, in a blade style resembling a single coil. The guitar was endorsed by Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley. (From Wikipedia) 🎸 #kiss #kissarmy #kissarmyworldwide #kissfans #kissfreak #paulstanley #genesimmons #acefrehley #petercriss #starchild #spaceace #spaceman #thedemon #catman #acefrehleyspace #petercrissofficial #gibsonguitars #gibsonmarauder
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