No hands defense... damn! @trainer_gae ・・・ จับคอใด้ให้100บาท😊 ____________________________________________________________ ➡️Visit and Follow @muaythaigymsinthailand ✳️Own a Muay Thai Gym in Thailand? Fill out our contact form, and we'll list you for free on our website! ✅Planning a Muay Thai trip to Thailand? Use our site to see what the costs are before you do your budget. Of course, all the info is free. ____________________________________________________________ #jiujitsu #karate #sparring #regrann #muaythaibattle #fighter
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20 days ago
Okay guys, if he ever sees this post he's gonna think I'm such a nerd (see what I did there) BUT YO IM FAN GIRLING RN, ONE OF MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS @karatebyjesse LIKED MY POST AHAHA, @ivxn.karate THOUGHT I WASN'T GONNA POST THIS BUT I DONT CARE IMA FAN GIRL #martialarts #mma #sparring
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After we fight 🥊 we feast 🍔🍟🍕🥗🍻 Families that fight together, stay together!
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Whyte KO’s Browne in 6… @supremeboxing
27 minutes ago
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