@auntypegsbypmc Aunty peg's cupping session is back on Tuesday . Great to get knowledge from those mature guys . #specialtycoffeeroaster #proudmary #specialtycoffeeforeveryone #cupping
30 days ago
Sensory lexicon 2.0 with taste kit tasting . With superb passionate coffee nerds :) @5sensescoffee . #specialtycoffeeforeveryone #sensorylexicon #coffeechemistry #specialtycoffee
3 months ago
Algo estamos tramando! Y tú qué esperas para unirte a nuestro clan y descubrir lo que está por venir ! 🤘🏻🙌🏻☕️ Estamos trabajando para ti 😍 #coffeerockstheworld #specialtycoffeeforeveryone #specialtycoffee #Lighthousecoffee3 #lighthousecoffee #laserenachile
4 months ago
*@the.flour pop up store menu line-up!!* Here's brief info about this week's fundraising event @shamblecoffeebrewers Swipe right to check out the Menu! You can still order 'set menu' on Eventbrite!😎 Or just pop in and hanging around with us! Direct donation for girl's education : Www.doitinadress.com/april-yoonhee-bae
4 months ago
4 months ago
@Regranned from @the.flour - Did you know? Panama Geisha Coffee is the most highly sought after coffee in the world for Coffee lovers. The sweet upfront taste of floral • fruity taste are pure deliciousness that you don't want to miss if you call yourself a coffee snob 😋 - This Sunday @shamblecoffeebrewers we are having pop up event showcasing delicious range of baked goods including our signature pastry, Canelés served with amazing cup of coffee including Panama Geisha, if you like to know what's all the fuss is about come and get these goodies for yourself! - #regrann
5 months ago
Preparing next chapter . So .. I don't wanna know result of this experiment but I need to share this thing to some experts like you! 솔직히 해보신분, 정보공유 해주세요 ㅎㅎ Sour sorted bean vs unsorted bean #specialtycoffeeforeveryone #beyondspecialtycoffee
5 months ago
5 months ago
Great coffee with great people ! #gooddayoff #specialtycoffeeforeveryone #melbournecoffee
5 months ago
Seeing your spirit @anthony_jd at @axil_coffee_roasters . The Runner up in 2017 Southern region Australia Barista competition. Your presentation was truly amazing . You made remarkable achievement again ! Congratulations and let's keep moving forward together ! Thanks for the your great coffee! #melbournecoffeeroaster #axil #baristacompetition #specialtycoffeeforeveryone #coffee
5 months ago
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