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Dean was sitting in the library of the bunker, his arm resting on the hard wooden surface of the table. He had a beer in his bloodied hand, which could’ve healed by now, had he not been reopening the wound every time he decided to punch another wall. He set the beer down and glanced to the floor with a cold expression where dozens of other bottles laid empty. It had been weeks since Cas had died. Weeks since they burned his corpse. Dean was a mess, refusing to sleep, eat, speak… Dean wasn’t himself. Suddenly there was a loud boom from the entrance of the bunker, and Dean’s hand shot to his gun tucked away under the table. “Who’s there?!” It couldn’t have been Sam, because Sam was on a hunt in Montana, and he took Jack along with him for the ride. Sam told Dean he wasn’t allowed to go. Something about his emotions being a liability. “I said who’s there?!” he shouted, rising from his seat. “I’ll give you ten seconds before I shoot!” Castiel felt guilty. He had disappointed Dean yet again. He was only useful to mess things up, every single time. The Angel had watched as Dean, Sam and Jack burned his corpse and remained away for days, knowing that the brothers were going to take good care of Jack. That they would notice the kid was good. When he was about to get back he got kidnapped by his siblings and held in heaven until he escaped. He fell and crashed at the bunker’s door. Castiel sat up with a soft groan and dusted his clothes, he felt very much human by then. He heard Dean scream and felt his heart clench. “It’s me,” he murmured as he tried to stand up. “Dean…” Dean’s gut lurched as he heard the voice of someone he never expected to hear from again. Dean had lost all hope on getting Cas back, and he was starting to realize he’d have to live without everything he’d had before. So when he heard his voice his eyes went wide and he started to shake. “Me who?” Dean snapped, heading towards the entrance of the bunker. It had to be a trick. Someone had to be using /his/ voice to get to him. ((continued in the comments))
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this is the best @destielbydesign
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i haven't seen any of s13 yet because im waiting for it to arrive on netlfix but WOW HE'S ADORBALE
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--This is a smut one shot with a/b/o dinamics. You've been warned. Castiel Novak hated Dean Winchester. He was arrogant, cocky, and knew just how to push Castiel’s buttons, which was infuriating. Everyone seemed to think the opposite, which was even more infuriating. And he was hot, really fucking hot - wet dream hot. All of this added up to Dean Winchester being Castiel Novak’s worst nightmare. And the douche knew it too. Dean practically paraded up and down the hallways with all his Alpha buddies, a smirk plastered on his face as the Omega and Betas fawned over him. But not Castiel. He could see why they did, Dean was the textbook definition of Alpha, but Castiel couldn’t give the prick the satisfaction. And he supposed that Dean took that as a challenge. Castiel leaned against a wall at the far side of a house party thrown by one of Dean’s pals, Benny. He had a cup of beer in one hand and his phone in the other, completely uninterested in the grinding and dry humping that was happening on the dance floor. The whole place reeked of hormones, an unappealing mix of horny Omegas, Betas, and Alphas. He would leave, but he had driven to the party with Charlie, so he was pretty much stuck until she decided she wanted to go. And Castiel couldn’t really tell when that would be, since he had lost her pretty much the second they walked in and a pretty Omega whisked her away to dance. Dean wandered around, leaving Benny and Ash for a moment. He smiled when he saw Castiel Novak alone by the side of the house. There was pretty much no people there, since everyone seemed to enjoy being glued one to another inside of the house. The smile turned into a smirk when Cas’ smell got to Dean’s nose. He bit his lip hungrily and made his way over, knowing all to well how much Castiel hated him. “Hey, pal,” he said. “What are you doin’ out here alone?” Castiel snorted, looking up at him. He raised an eyebrow, taking a drink from his cup. “It stinks in there,” he said. “Too much hormones.” He caught Dean’s scent and bit his lower lip, clearing his throat as he looked down. Dean always smelled amazing. ((continued in the comments))
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class doodle of my take on vampire sam because that entertainment magazine cover of jared really spoke to me, but my take is like a mix of the vampire diaries and supernatural mixed ?? it's based on an au I have with my friend but I won't elaborate bc Idk if y'all are interested,, basically it's my version of Sam so it's not canonical :^) #artistsoninstagram #art #sketch #doodle #supernatural #vampire #thevampirediaries #spnau #characterdesign #conceptdesign
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