Nike Ohio State pullover hoodie. XL. Small stain (pic3). £15 Free Postage 📮
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Except let's play for 1st place next year 💯💪🐯 #STATE
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west side! __ sun in santa monica... one of the most vital nutrient suppliers, state changers, and energy producers. yes, I need sun. this does not mean at high noon i need to stand in front of it for an hour. ideally anywhere i travel, because of @hubermanlab i will make sure to get this morning light and evening light so that circadian rhythm is balanced. along with a little SNS uptick into a PSNS downshift (in evening)... i can usually alter time zone quickly. __ trained at #OakPark // @crossfitla this am because that’s my house when i’m in LA. such an incredible community and intelligent coaches. 🙏🏼. this also helps get the system up and going on new time zone. just don’t take a fawking nap. roll through day, and get evening light, and a little training, cold exposure, or up reg breathing in. then when it’s time to crash, use whatever you need to downshift! __ @powerspeedendurance @hubermanlab @preparetoperform #state #artofbreath @rvcasport
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#tbt to MATTHEW . .THE BAE IS BACK IN THE STATE . . .. . . .#oldmagcon #matthewespinosa #shawnmendes #shawn #mendes #state #bae #christmas
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“Indoctrination” is a piece that represents the concept of being born into an organized group or religion whose ideas and norms are imprinted upon one at an early age. In this case, an infant is being introduced into this world through a form of baptism by oil. The chapel that said baptism is being performed in has been constructed around the base of an old oil derrick. Oil is one of the most important drivers of the economy in the western world and, since the 1930’s, there have been over 10 conflicts or “oil wars” waged over the consumption, distribution, or regulation of petroleum resources. The visual combination of a chapel with an oil derrick as its steeple symbolizes a connection between church and state. By being raised with the beliefs held under the roof of this church, the child is unknowingly and involuntarily being thrust into this world that is driven and fed by the production of oil. - #art #sculpture #religion #oil #economy #cross #baptism #resources #petrolium #fineart #church #state #seperation #seperationofchurchandstate #god #indoctrination #hands #earth #mining #drilling #fracking
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