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MY NEW VIDEO (link in bio): My thoughts are with anyone who has been directly or indirectly affected by those crazy ass wildfires. Please stay safe <3. #Beyonce decided to get her beautiful self on stage at the #SportsIllustrated Person of the Year event and speak truths. After she told yall how problematic and bigoted yall are, she gave #ColinKaepernick the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award. #TomiLahren the Triggered Tonka Truck had a huge problem with it. I have a problem with Tammy’s dry ass scalp, so I let it be known. This #MasterpieceCakeshop vs Colorado case is quite interesting. I’m waiting anxiously on the court’s decision. Today, I’m also grilling #RoyMoore, #SteveBannon, #RalphShortey (the anti-LGBT Oklahoma Senator who was caught in a motel with condoms, and a 17-year old boy). #Muller has contacted #DeutscheBank in #Germany for some financial information on the #Trump family. This is really bad news for the Cheeto in Chief and he’s likely to stir up some national and international crises to get people to look away. #DonJR contacted the Russians to see if they had dirt on the Clinton Foundation. This action is illegal because he was seeking campaign information from a foreign nation. Everyone is about to be toasted. Impeachment is coming!
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I watch the News when I’m bored but I’m constantly seeing a trend with these White Nationalist and (racist)Conservative Republicans who are constantly Hailing Hitler after they get their audience to clap and disguise it as a finger point, after they hold it for about two second, who are they pointing at, the teleprompter? You bastards are slick and slimy... we watching 🐍🐌🐷👀 #stevebannon #slimystevebannon #raciststevebannon #whitenationalist #nazi #hailhitler #hitler #cnn #cnnews #roymoore #roymoorechildmolester #teaparty
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Just sitting outside being a Southern California snowflake limousine liberal vegan cuck. Ps the schadenfreude will be extra sweet when the @gop lose the midterms(and all future elections) and @realdonaldtrump is impeached and his family and #jeffsessions and #stevebannon are thrown in jail. Special snowflake cuck reading material: @motherjonesmag
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