Car roof at dawn - I had only seconds to take a snap before my ride became impatient. But something like this is worth being late for, ice balls and angular frost!
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My girlfriend @ginaskids36 brought me this gorgeous dried bouquet from the farmers market! I immediately thought of @happydaysfarm #eggvignette ! I found this gorgeous green fabric ribbon at a boutique shop a while back. Love it with my girls brown eggs! ❤️ #eggs #driedboquet #driedflowers #doughbowl #ribbon #spoolofribbon #stilllife #stilllifephotography #floraldesign #antiquedoughbowl #lovemygirlfriend
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The legends of the south! So excited to teach the upcoming "Tequila & Rum" master class, sponsored by Don Julio and the Zacapa Rum on Sunday, January 28 at the Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, part of the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. About the day's program: While people have long nurtured a love affair with sugar cane and agave spirits, the complex methods used to produce them remain a combination of tradition, history and a true sense of terroir. Tequila and Rum production continues to fascinate and inspire bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts around the world. In this Master Class, attendees will learn about the Rum and Tequila spirits categories, and how culture, stories and legend have built their industries. Special guests will also sample cocktails paired with small plates from Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver’s culinary team, in addition to taking home recipes, the student handbook, as well as the newly released Bittered Sling Bitters Creative Flavours Gift Pack 3.0 (valued at $50). For tickets and more information, please visit the link in my @laurenmote IG profile 📸 // Danika Sea
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taken the bus 1-19-18 🌱
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