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The story of the 1987 stock market crash has become part of market folklore and for some people, the memory is a challenging one. β € β € The global financial crisis has reduced Black Monday to a blip on a chart but the losses witnessed have never been repeated on a single day. β € β € In Australia, the carnage continued for years culminating in a recession.β € β € Scroll through our gallery to understand how it all unfolded and see some @financialreview front pages from the era. Read more at www.afr.com/x/gz46bb and www.afr.com/x/gz2tu8 and www.afr.com/x/gz44enβ € β € πŸ“°: Vesna Poljakβ € πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨: @hewart β € β € #stockmarket #asx #wallstreet #investment #allords #marketcrash #afrdata #blackmonday
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