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As I sit and review the videos of Habib Husayn al Saqqaf, taking notes I reflect on the blessing of actually being there for his last class, the khatim at #almaqasidretreat2017 We were on vacation in Myrtle Beach when we received a message to come. My husbands plan was to get there by 2 pm on Saturday but Allah had other plans. Everything was a sign to our true purpose of attending the retreat. Not the friends we missed, not the other scholars teaching, there was one clear focus. I had to take over driving as my husband was very tired, and when I pulled up to the University I received notification that the session with Habib Husayn was being live streamed. We arrived exactly when Habib began his concluding session. Not only did he speak directly to things that I was going through, to make it clear he specifically addressed the Converts to Islam. And then there were more signs in Habib's du'a, the opening of a place to sleep, the intensity of being jerked out of sleep that only lasted 45 minutes without any alarm or anything, then the peaceful walk alone at night to the musalla arriving in time to catch Tahajjud in jamaat, the morning invocations and Fajr with Shaykh Yahya, and a few more signs I will keep private but I witness that only God determines our fate. No person can take away from you, what has been written for you. The strength of our Prophet Muhammad through persecution of others who spoke lies about him, threw stones at him, and tried to deter him from his destiny is the reminder Habib Husayn brought into focus. That despite these mean actions, our Prophet remained concerned for his community - ummahti #ummahti #stayfocus #dontgiveup #staystrong #fate #destiny #ourfateisdeterminedbygodalone #worshipallah #habibhusayn #reminders #islam #forgiveness #love #ourcommunity #helpothers #service #stopthehate #muslimconvert #leonardsax #whygendermatters #bullying #jealousy #frostburg #maryland #roadtrip #noorjanantravel
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You know when I was 16, I decided to have my first (and last) tattoo done. I was thinking about it for long time so it wasn't spontaneous. I have 2 birds on my left hand to remind me every single day that no matter what happens to me, I'm strong enough to make it through and let go. But the thing is not everybody accept my choice. I daily face peoples repulsive looks. And it really makes me sad and tired. Like... How can you judge someone when you didn't walk in their shoes?! I just wanted to tell you that NOT EVERYONE with tattoo is bad. The way we look DOES NOT define us. But judging other people tells something about you.... #tattooedandproud #stopthehate #spreadlove
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