@ MY PREVIOUS POST From @frustrated.right This might be a gag, idk, I believe it #BLACKMONDAY #STOPPLAASMOORDE #FARMATTACKS #FARMMURDERS #farmmurdersinsouthafrica #stopplaasmoordeinsuidafrika #PRAYFORSOUTHAFRICA #PRAYFORTHEBOERS #STOPWHITEGENOCIDE #WHITEGENOCIDE Partner @conservativesouthafrican @zuid_afrikan_boer
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Action in Belgium cities by Student movements, sent to me by @scottmcswagger #BLACKMONDAY #STOPPLAASMOORDE #FARMATTACKS #FARMMURDERS #farmmurdersinsouthafrica #stopplaasmoordeinsuidafrika #PRAYFORSOUTHAFRICA #PRAYFORTHEBOERS #STOPWHITEGENOCIDE #WHITEGENOCIDE Partner @conservativesouthafrican @zuid_afrikan_boer
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In Africa, most black people believe that raping homosexuals will cure them of their illness of gayness. They also believe raping a virgin (typically a young child since everyone fucks everything there as soon as their parts wake up) will cure them of their AIDS or HIV. Nice little shit hole country (continent?), good thing dat whitey devil is being killed, otherwise the world might actually benefit from Africa's existence. Whew. #BLACKMONDAY #STOPPLAASMOORDE #FARMATTACKS #FARMMURDERS #farmmurdersinsouthafrica #stopplaasmoordeinsuidafrika #PRAYFORSOUTHAFRICA #PRAYFORTHEBOERS #STOPWHITEGENOCIDE #WHITEGENOCIDE Partner @conservativesouthafrican @zuid_afrikan_boer
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I understand where and how the hatred derives from between the races and I also understand that if our government truly worked for ‘the people’ it would stop dickin’ around and right the wrongs done to all races, but they’re too busy hoarding all the riches to themselves and keeping us divided so we don’t unite and turn on them. I do agree with a few of his points made. As someone who was attacked and put on some racist ass #targetedindividuals list by a my own Hispanic and Black people for being “too white and too racist” (aka they wanted to steal something I worked for), I can see the racism and hatred spewed at white people, and it’s not right. Nobody liked it when it was done to blacks, so we shouldn’t do it to whites. As a multiracial person I’m disgusted at the behavior of all races. We all have to stop this nonsense. We aren’t each other’s enemy! We’re all being screwed over by the same elite class people. We can’t change the past. Women are still enslaved today. You can’t be pro-your race but anti another or sexist. It’s time to put racism, sexism, and disputes over religion to bed already. It’s run it’s course and is played TF out! #onelove #oneracethehumanrace🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏻🙏 #unitedwestanddividedwefall #stopwhitegenocide #stopwhitehate #stopracism
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