The trick to making friends is being friendly. 😉 Wherever I go and whatever I'm doing, I can't seem to help but make friends. I'm definitely on the introverted side, so this has been peculiar to me in situations in which I'm minding my own biz, and someone comes up and starts chatting me up. It happens in almost every town I stop in, and a lot of the time it leads to staying in touch with wonderful people. Here are very simple things I do that I think increase the probability of being a friend magnetic. 1) I smile a lot. Smiling changes you and those around you. 2) I make eye contact with people during conversation. 3) I ask questions and listen carefully. 4) I genuinely like people and believe I can at worst learn something from everyone. At best, make a life-long friend. 5) I regularly ask God to put people in my path that I can impact and that can impact me. If I were new to a town I'd also make friends through my favorite hobbies (run clubs, books clubs, writing groups, and volunteering) If that doesn't exist in your neighborhood, make it. As a Christian, I also put huge stock in the local church as well. Humans bond over shared interest and shared experience, and good friends make for a good life. Love y'all! Pictured friend: @bornpacific (he's an inspiration, and he's also a totally magnetic dude! So thankful we are friends. Check out his incredible photography!)
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Lets eat under the tiny orange lights.
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Last year I traveled out to Marble Falls. I had no real reason, just had some time to kill and thought I'd make a trip out of it. I only took pictures of this bridge, that's it. I guess I need to travel back to see what all this town has to offer. . . . . . . | #bnw | #bnw_sundays | #pocket_bnw | #bnwmood | #bnw_captures | #bnwlife | #love_bnw | #bnw_city | #bnw_zone | #all_bnwshots | #blackandwhite_perfection | #edits_bnw | #blackandwhite | #blackandwhitephotography |
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