Sólo las personas que se atreven a llegar demasiado lejos, son capaces de saber hasta dónde pueden llegar. ❤️ -T.S Eliot Nunca dejes de soñar, los sueños no llegan solos, se lucha por ellos, con pasión💪🏼 Todo es cuestión de energía y de perspectiva. 😘 📸 @aitzisantos . . #crossfitgirl #crossfitgirlsrock #crossfitter #crossfit #crossfitteam #communityfirst #communityspirit #commnityfirst #craftedbyfitness #strongerthanever #strongertogether #BeMoreHuman #losz #buenasnocheszorritos
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Celebrating LIFE! His way of saying, “thank you baby” for being by his side in the journey. Back on “good eats” tomorrow. #marriagecommitment #insicknessandinhealth #strongertogether #yourclaritycoach #tuesdaytouchpoint
6 minutes ago
I'll definitely be in shape for the @occam_athletics back alley rumble: the sequel. Today's strength consisted of a 10 minute EMOM of 1 Power clean + 3 front squats + 1 jerk. This was my final set, which I bumped up to 120/265. I'm definitely winded. #fourhorsemensc #weightlifting #powerlifting #functionalfitness
9 minutes ago
#metoo I didn’t want to post this at first. I feel ashamed (sorry but I do). I walked so many years thinking it was my fault, maybe I was ok with it, maybe I didn’t say no loud enough? So apart for all random people grabbing my butt and boobs occasionally (like wtf?), I had a coach who decided it being ok to walk into my room during training camp and do what he felt like. And to mention my Ex. Yes, it possible to be assaulted by someone you are in a relationship with. Crying, not wanting to, I always felt I was obligated to. This is the reality of so so so so so many girls out there in some way. Behind every hashtag, there is one person doing wrong and the other person thinking ”maybe I’m overreacting”. No. It’s never ok. No matter what. No matter who it is.
18 minutes ago
All about last night. Rain or shine we work hard. Courtesy of @aka_bro_ben. Repost @brixtonstreetgym. Monday night circuits #favoritethings #fitnessgoals
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Help me raise more money guys https://www.gosober.org.uk/users/anna-clark #sober #cancerreasearchuk #cancersucks #cancer #charity #donate #october #link #strongertogether #money #makeadifference
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So proud of @roll_for_initiative for doing so well in his first comp! Can't wait to see where he goes from here!
11 minutes ago
Womyn, truly 🖤
14 minutes ago
These red and blue lines stand for so much. For so many. #brotherhood #strongertogether #fireandfreedom
15 minutes ago
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