Playing the blame game can become habitual and comfortable. In every situation that doesn’t go the way you thought it should, you should first look at what you could have done different. Self improvement comes from being accountable and taking responsibility. It’s just too easy to always blame a loss, failure or mistake on anything but yourself. Even if it’s not your fault there is something we all can learn from these moments so just be accountable and keep improving. Every successful person has years of failure under their belt, it’s just they never gave up and they decided to learn from every fall. Passing blame says that it’s not you and your just fine but that will come back to bite you. So take responsibility and keep moving forward. Be a 🦏 and stay sharp! #livingoutlaub #success #beinspired #takeresponsibility #beaccountable #accountability #bemotivated #motivation #motivate #inspire #inspired #motivational #dailymotivation #dailyquotes #dailyinspiration #lifequotes #staymotivated #succesquotes #inspirationalspeaker #motivationalspeaker
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Who needs a vacation?
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This was something I realized a couple of years back when I was working hard to get into medical school. Some said I was lucky and think my A’s were sent to me by God without doing anything. - I tried to explain that I put in several hours each and every day to study and suck in more knowledge, but you quickly realize people think it is a gift. - Success is not a gift. Success is hard work and failing over and over again. - When I was in class, I was right most of the times when I said something. But what was interesting was I was wrong more times than other people even TRIED. - Now when I see a successful person I know they have failed more than I have even tried. And that’s why I keep trying and trying. Because the day will come when people haven’t tried as much as I have failed in my life as an entrepreneur. - Tag a friend who needs to see this. - #alwaysbelearning
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