For family by blood and choice, near and far...though mostly far looking at the sign 😂 . . . #diy #diyhomedecor #sundayfunday #sundayproject #diyproject #stencil #family #familyandfriends #friends #crafts #artsandcrafts #craftproject #directionalsigns #sign
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Давно я не баловал Вас нашими десертами 😍 Самый популярный среди всех десертов в мире - брауни 👌 Шоколадный пирог с влажной серединкой и воздушной шапочкой из крепа 👍 Это невероятная шоколадная любовь с первого взгляда 😚 Рекомендую! Ваш The Royce ✌️ #transformationtuesday #instagood #lakers #boots #foodporn #buyankin #photoaday #appitme #instamood #ugh #phone #instago #heart #harrystyles #instalove #lazyday #sundayfunday #picoftheday #thestruggle #black #smile #TheRoyce #TheRoyceStyle #TheRoyceRest #Stavropol #Ставрополь #26stav  #ресторан
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Sleepy morning!!
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✅The first grip is called the "Overhand Grip" which is the most common and most instinctive way of gripping the bar. Ask any newbie to lift the bar off the ground and that's how they pick it: both hands face the lifter aaand yeah, dat's bout it. This grip is typically not the strongest, because when the bar starts becoming heavy, it can slip off your hands very easily.. however, if you train your grip enough, you can still develop a very strong double overhand grip.
✅Hook Grip: aka RIP to your thumbs in case you're a newbie to it. You basically double overhand grip the bar, locking your thumbs between your index & mid finger. It's by far the strongest grip, very commonly used in Olympic Lifting aswell. The only problem with it is that it typically hurts when you try it out. How to make your thumbs not hurt that much whilst grippin' the bar this way? Practice, practice, practice. -
❌The Noob Grip: Now, obviously I’ve invented the name, and I called like this because most newbie trainees don’t really know about locking & holding the bar in their hands. Why is this bad? Because if the bar has “space” to move in within the hands: -
It can decrease the strength of the grip (the wider the weaker) and doesn’t really give you that much stability depending on the exercises you do with it. -
✅✅✅KEEP your hands GLUED to the bar and don’t let any space between your hands and it, this allows you to focus more on the actual reps, thanks to a stable & strong grip. -
TAG somebody who needs to know about this! Credit👉🏼 @pheasyque - 🤙🏼Follow @profitnesscircle for daily nutrition & training tips -
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