#tbt to #latimesfestivalofbooks! #Repost @marisasiddiqi ・・・ Kiran, me and Oceana at the @princessheroes booth 💜👑 #latimesfestivalofbooks #superamazingprincessheroes #kawaii
10 days ago
For a chance to WIN a book of your choice from our #SuperAmazingPrincessHeroes series, save the screenshot of your child’s character at the end of our ‘Princess Hero Dress Up’ game and either send it to us, or tag @princessheroes #PrincessHeroDressUp on IG! Our game is available to download on iOS and Android. Download link included on our website (link in bio). Deadline: Dec. 5th...go, go, go! #contest #giveaway #kids
19 days ago
26 days ago
Some #MondayMotivation for your little ones this morning.✨ #dailyaffirmation
28 days ago
✨ Show us your daddy-daughter photo to be featured! ✨ Hashtag #DaddyDaughter @alicenorin @badass.canuck @david_mckienzie @joelconder @king.keeton @mathiaaa77 @wesbrown225
28 days ago
For the #SuperAmazingPrincessHeroes, it's a day to celebrate kindness, teamwork, and humility! Will YOU be celebrating?
29 days ago
🙏🏼 @bigshelbailey! We love seeing photos of (and getting feedback on) our products and brand! #SAPH ・・・ #Repost @bigshelbailey ・・・ #Reading to the #kids beacuse reading is #cool and #important. #Childliteracy. "The Gift of Gift". #Giving #SuperAmazingPrincessHeroes
1 month ago
“When we compliment our kids, it often goes in one ear and out the other. Yet when we tell a relative or family friend about our child's achievements, our kids are more receptive to the praise. By humbly bragging about your child, you prove that you aren't saying these things to boost her self-esteem, but because you actually believe them.” #HowToRaiseAConfidentChild
1 month ago
If it feels right, you’re headed in the right direction! #MondayMotivation from @michelleobama #MichelleObama
1 month ago
Do you share the same role model as Kinney, or is yours someone else? Let us know who in the comments below! #georgiaokeefe
1 month ago
Start the weekend off by reminding your child that they hold a special place in your family. ❤️
1 month ago
Amen! 🙏🏽 “Use the talents you possess…” - #HenryVanDyke
1 month ago
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