Recipe testing, Pacific Line Caught Swordfish from @sea2table, @spiceology Mediterranean Rub, bergamot, green garlixc, and cedar grilling papers
1 day ago
"Leftover" salmon, demo on no waste cooking. We filet fish in house so utilization is crucial, Tartar on Salmon Chiccarone
2 days ago
Few hundred pounds of Maine Lobster tails slow poaching in sage butter. #sousvide
3 days ago
Mise en Plus for the ballroom soup course tonight, butter toasted brioche soldiers with American Paddlefish Caviar #sometimesitiscaviarandfancy
3 days ago
Tonight's Tasting Menu in the Sunroom...Baked Skinny Dipper Oysters, house made andouille sausage, Creole spiced garlic butter crumbs...Creamy Asparagus Soup, pickled white asparagus, house made bacon, soft poached quail egg...Classic Rack of Local Lamb for Two, dijon-herb crust, rosemary-zinfindel jus, butter roasted heirloom carrots, Guiness toasted barley risotto...Maine Lobster Two Ways, crispy tempura clam, butter roasted tail, sauce Americane, chanterelle mushrooms, polenta cake, garlic spinach...Ginger Soy Glazed Sea Bass, marinated pan fried tofu, broccolini, enoke mushrooms, saki beurre blanc. @smbishop1127 @bobbied3452
3 days ago
This is one of the many reasons I buy fish this way. Pulled out of the water in the Florida Keys yesterday, today here in my kitchen, and a family of fishermen keep doing what they have done for generations. Gorgeous Pompano and Mutton Snapper just arriving for dinner tonight! The best possible fish for our members and helping sustainability of not only the fish but the families as well
3 days ago
Our fish for tomorrow is unloading from the boat right now! That's what fresh is. Love getting the best for our members!
4 days ago
Thanks Chef @chefjeffbonilla and @spiceology ! Stoked to see this when I got back to my kitchen this morning. Can't wait to cook with these super fresh spices
5 days ago
Recreating a great meal from this weekend, Agnolotti Vitello...braised veal stuffed pasta
4 days ago
9 days ago
Quick Special in the Grille for lunch today...Pan Seared @autumn_olive_farms Pork Coppa Steak, house smoked mozzarella polenta, charred broccolini, green garlic salsa verde #cookeveryday
10 days ago
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