Day:6 of #30daysofsupremetees ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________for todays tee we go to 2013 when supreme collaborated with the New Jersy horror-punk band,The Misfits. this tee shows a very offencive kennedy with his brains blown out on the front with a verse from their song “bullet” on the back.
10 minutes ago
^o^ Deep seated urban decay... ^o^ Vanishing point Supreme ^o^ Everlast logo crew neck ‘08 ^o^
7 minutes ago
Capacity is open til 8! We have a few new things available... TNF x Supreme boots, size 9: $160 RSVP x Off-white, Large: $125 Ditty bags & Speaker... best Offer
40 minutes ago
New beanies!
22 minutes ago
New Supreme Gym towel available now! $90
19 minutes ago
@flowercitykicks585 Sneaker & Clothing convention on March 4th! Tickets available in-store now! Only $12.
16 minutes ago
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