My own edit of you @leah_angelica ❤️💜 you're as beautiful as queen @ttbate 😻💜
19 minutes ago
Queen @ttbate i love vegies sooo much but i cannot resist eating pizza😭😭 but anyways i still eat more vegies tho! But omyy sooo that's why you guys are healthy and have beauitiful skin❤️❤️
1 hour ago
This is so me when weird people comment negatuve and inappropriate things at @ttbate 's live!😑😑 To those who said those kind of things went or accidentaoly clicked the wrong live stream! I dont even know if they mentioned or meant the correct TT! people nowadays doesn't know how to appreciate people! Queen TT is the best y'all!💓
1 hour ago
Love this witty goofy stunning queen named Talitha(@ttbate ) sooo much!😍💖😭 She deserves not just better but the best!😍❤️
1 hour ago
@ttbate you always know when to do the Fierce look and the Wide smile!😍💓😱 You are amazing!💖 You melt hearts queen!💓
3 hours ago
As an avid and loyal fan of queen @ttbate i swear that i will stay active and show my massive love and support to @ttbate not to mentuion telling her how beautiful and perfect she is everyday!😍💖
3 hours ago
Queen @ttbate rewatching your scenes here!😍💓😆 When you got lomg hair, your beautiful when you got short hair, your beautiful. Every style of yours fits you!💓😍👑
3 hours ago
Your smile make me more stronger, Keep smiling ❤️ enjoy your life ❤️ @luluswilson @ttbate #luluwilson #talithabateman #friends
3 hours ago
Double Beauty 😻❤️. @ttbate
4 hours ago
@ttbate #bts press day for @sobitthemovie wearing @adveket #genderfluidlipstick in LOVE Make-up by @britbritbritbrit @erinkellypr #adveket #adveketcosmetics #adveketbeauty #talithabateman #annabelle #annabellecreation #theconjuring
5 hours ago
Queen @ttbate you never fail to amaze us all in any events or in any movies!👏😭😍 Tou really slay!❤️ You are Breath taking😍💖👑
9 hours ago
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