Spent the afternoon at the #tbbucs pumpkin patch with lil Mama. She had a blast out there looking for #famousjameis 😂😂 #westillaREDSKINShousehold #HTTR #shelikethebucstho #thankyou@rachelcamille
2 days ago
Wiji just put on a show at this event!!! Ran a 4.21-40, 46” vertical leap, 10’10” long jump and had a great smile while doing it all!!! #Wiji #MendezFamily #FutureBaller #TBBucs
3 days ago
We may root for different teams, but at the end of the day, we're all just fans trying to have a good time and watch some great football. And sometimes we wear awesome hats with pigtails. 📸: AP/Mone
11 days ago
This week's #tbt pic is dedicated to my brother's in #Tampa always reppin their #TBBucs #Redd #Kraze #Jit and although there are a few more not shown i got nuthin but love for my potnas from the "T" Betta believe I stay rockin that camo Shout out to #RockItRodDJs 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
11 days ago
13 days ago
The 12th fan: always ready to take the field, always working on his skills.
15 days ago
A BET IS A BET. My "twin" and coworker @groove_is_in_this_heart made a bet with my buddy @salaizbucfresh24_ during the week 1 BYE for the game against the NY Giants. If the Giants won, Anthony would wear a Giants jersey. If the Bucs won, she would wear a Bucs jersey. As you know, Bucs won and now she owns up to her word. Let's applaud good sportsmanship! LOL #abetisabet #tampabaybuccaneers #TBBucs #newyorkgiants #NYGiants #sportsmanship
17 days ago
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