To commemorate #WorldWaterDay today, I attempted to complete @NumiOrganicTea's Seven Gallon Challenge to use less than this amount of water throughout my day. 💦 This is the amount allotted to those dealing with the extreme drought in South Africa and millions around the world don't have access to even that. I had trouble staying under seven gallons, realizing that some of my appliances use much more than that just to wash one load of clothes or dishes. By six thirty, I had passed the limit, even after using water sparingly. 😬 Even though fresh water often feels like a unending resource, conserving every little bit counts. Whether it's through bigger actions like purchasing a water friendly washing machine or smaller ones like turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth, it all adds up. Purchasing from companies that support water conservation efforts and expansion programs is another small way to help. Companies like @NumiOrganicTea are using their resources and influence in developing countries to expand water accessibility through the #4H2ope initiative and are changing lives along the way. 🌿 What ways have you found to conserve water in your home or support water accessibility around the world? #4H2OPE #WorldWaterDay #Partner
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💕 It's DAY 3 of our giveaway! From flowers to little baby birds, everything's pretty in pink in the springtime! Enter to win today's Southern Breeze Spring Box full of zesty Raspberry Cold Brew Sweet Tea and some self-care gifts! Link in bio!
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@papergirlcompany is a brand new Forestry Friday vendor, and we’re thrilled to have her on the farm tomorrow night from 6:00-8:30!
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I’m drinking “Lucky Cloud,” a shou from @crimsonlotustea, contemplating whipping up some Mexican food, like maybe a Death Burrito. #fire #out #the #ass🍑 #crimsonlotustea
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Late night gouache studies. I really love the design of this new McDonalds tea bag box (maybe it's been around a while, I'm not sure, I saved it from my trip to Moscow a few months ago). In other news, I've taken on a full time job.its hard to believe, but surprisingly I really want to give this a try. It in a completely new field (international sales in a large printing house), and I'm both anxious and curious. The main reason I'm doing this is my search for stability of late. But the money is also good. And ever since my solo show in the summer I've felt in need of external context, it as if I worked so hard on the thing that I somehow drained myself. The job is not in art, but I get to use my Swedish, travel to Europe and learn a lot about printing. #gouache #gouachestudy #sketchbook #mcdonalds #ceylontea #blacktea #teabag #packaging #packagedesign
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"krankes haus", stickprojekt 2015, wochenstickbild, zu flachem kissen genäht, alter leinenstoff, teebeutel, garn #textileart #handstitched #linen #teabag
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