Weight Loss Tip: Rediscover the sweet potato.
1 hour ago
Look & feel your absolute best this summer with SculpSure! The non-invasive body contouring treatment will help you reach your body goals in time for summer. For a free consultation, call us on 08 7221 2577.
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Weight Loss Tip: Precooked chicken strips and microwaved frozen broccoli topped with Parmesan cheese.
3 hours ago
Weight Loss Tip: Spend the extra few dollars to buy vegetables that are already washed and cut up.
3 hours ago
My knee jerk reaction to seeing the left picture from a year ago is that I’m so not as lean now as I was back then. But, idk, my arms, shoulders, and traps seem like they gotten bigger, as in more muscular. Maybe that’s just me, but I’ll take it. Also, I’m still waiting to hit it big as an IG fitness model. πŸ˜‚ #flashbackfriday #timehop #flexfriday
4 hours ago
Did you know that walking can actually help you lose weight? πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Many people find this hard to believe, but it's completely true - if you do it in the right way. Read our post about how to walk off belly fat and shed those unnecessary pounds in no time! πŸ€— Post on blog - link in bio. Let us know what you think! #fittyfoodies #walking #weightloss
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