OnePlus 6 Price leaked. Read more at the webpage. Link in bio. #oneplus6 #oneplus #prices #specs #features #specifications #leaksn#technews #tech #techlovers #followforfollow
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Trend alert: The GameSir G5 is a customized smartphone gamepad that lets gamers play like never before, directly from their phone. #TechNews #TechTrends #TrendTuesday
10 hours ago
Are you still using snapchat? It appears the app are still evolving to try and keep up with their counterpart Instagram stories. You are now able to tag other users in Snapchat stories, which links to their info. Unfortunately for now there is no auto feature so you’ll need to remember the username of the person you’re tagging, who also will not get a notification that they’ve been tagged. We look forward to seeing how this new feature plays out!
12 hours ago
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