It’s not about your money.. it’s about your mentality. #ThatsEnoughForToday #ImStillGrindingTho #200PlusThisYear #Legit #CatchMeOnTheFloor #ThePlotThickens
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J.K. Rowling said it best: "You sort of start thinking anything's possible if you've got enough nerve." ✨ What is your WILDEST dream? You know, the one you kind of want to whisper to yourself and tell nobody else, because it's just THAT wild? Recently, in a group with friends, we asked each other what is one thing we'd love to be, if we could be anything. My answer? Famous author, with the means to travel the world at any time. I've been amazed at life so far. The things I dreamed of at 17, 18 years old are COMING TRUE. I run a business I love. I have people working for me that I admire, respect, and who work right next to me at 9 pm at night if we need to. We all are hitting next-level, together. It took years to get this business to a place where we're sailing past, rising above, hundreds of our competitors. It's still never "easy," but heck, 6 years of consistent hard work, 1,000 blogs later, two published books, and learning how to put together all the right people in a team... has REALLY made some magic happen. This year, my big hairy goal (BHG) is writing my life story. I'm working on a true story, MY story, that I'm pitching to a major publisher. It's the story of my life. How I broke free from a cult, healed, started a successful venture out of nothing, and became a mom. My most rewarding feats to date. I've got BIG DREAMS for that story, y'all. And I'm not backing down. Because J.K. Rowling is RIGHT. You really do start thinking anything's possible if you start getting enough nerve and give yourself permission to think like that. And THAT, my friends, is the mindset where magic happens. #thatsenoughfortoday #deepthoughtonatuesday
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Ready For Today!! Goodnight.
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The @jameson_us Irish Whiskey Caskmates IPA Edition has all the flavours you've come to love, with additional hints of light hops, fresh citrus, and floral notes. 750ml bottles for $33.97 #whiskey #irishwhiskey #jameson #caskmates #ipa #bestofbothworlds #greenery #bottomsup #wheresmewhiskey #stpatricksdayprep #thatsenoughfortoday
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