Serving FACE for the upcoming new 🌑 @magichourny #hotpoint #thecraft #fulljush
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WiHM 2018 Challenge DAY 20: Girl Power Film ... The Craft because girl power ✊✊ and, you know, girls...with get it 😉
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Good mourning all! 🦇 I currently have ONE We Are The Weirdos Mister crossbody bag available in my shop. It has a super MINOR flaw but is still fully functional. As you can see in the second photo. A small portion of the end of the zipper tail was not tucked in before sewing. It’s so minor and hardly noticeable (just bothers me though 😂) The best part? It’s discounted at a great price! Check it out now in my shop! 🖤🦇💀 #thecraft #wearetheweirdos #wearetheweirdosmister
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“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain…” - BLADE RUNNER The ORION Wars There Was a War in Heaven, yet this war in heaven was very terrible and very real. While displaying none of the barbarities so characteristic of physical warfare on the immature worlds, this conflict was far more deadly; material life is in jeopardy in material combat, but the war in heaven was fought in terms of life eternal. Cosmic Warfare is always fought in other dimensions, and these wars can be far more deadly than the wars we fight down on Earth. On Earth, humas shoot bodies to pieces, but the soul (the Fire and the Avatar) continues into an afterlife. In many of the Cosmic Wars, where the parties have advanced technology and the deadliest of weapons, the body the combatants are aiming at is not the physical 3-D body, which does not exist, but the Avatar itself! Their weapons can split the Avatar in pieces, so the Fire doesn’t have anywhere to go—there is no light-body to cling to. The Fire/soul is, therefore, bound to float in space without direction as a victim to the galactic currents, which will take her wherever they “blow.” If not rescued and brought together, the Fire has no choice but to dissolve and become One with the Universe again—she loses her identity and merges with space and with “nothingness.” 🐝#NAGANOMETRY #NUGOTH #GOTH#GRUNGE #BLACKEVERYTHING #WITCHCRAFT #THECRAFT #GOTHGIRLSDOITBETTER #CREEPYGIRLSDOITBETTER #MODERNGOTH #DARKGRUNGE #MOONCHILD #GOTHASFUCK #ALTGIRL #STREETGOTH #GOTHFASHION #GOTHGIRLS #GOTHSTAGRAM #GRUNGEGOTH #ALTERNATIVEFASHION#WICCA #GOTHLIFE #WITCHY #SPOOKYGIRL #ALTERNATIVEGIRL #BLACKISMYHAPPYCOLOR #GOTHICFASHION #yogapants #leggings
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My cover illustration for @ruemorguemag ‘s 20th Anniversary issue has been nominated for a Rondo Award! There are so many great folks from the horror community included in the list of nominees. To cast your vote, follow the link 👉🏻 #illustration #coverart #witches #nancydowns #thewickedwitch #thewizardofoz #blacksunday #barbarasteele #thecraft #ruemorguemagazine #saradeck
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We love this magickal picture of some of our Witch Casket items! 🖤📚 Thank you @naomienchanted ✨ Hope you’re all having a great week. 🙌🏻 To subscribe - 🧙🏻‍♀️#witchcasket
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