This is my first polarr filter. Don't judge. I know is not very good or amazing but I will start to make more filters and it will be more better every time. β€” give credits if using or you will be blocked! 🌷 #polarrfilter
9 minutes ago
[1x01] I decided to screenshot by myself the scenes and omg they're very HD. I like it. β€” Varchie or Barchie? β€” fc: @carlfilters
26 minutes ago
Omg i love the blue letters like: RIVERDALE ❀️ @thecwriverdale
36 minutes ago
I’m very late to watching PLL but it’s 4:08am and I just got to season 3 and I seriously need to go to sleep
40 minutes ago
Cole for ASOS magazine😍😍 Tag a friend @colesprouse Tag himπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ”₯❀️ *********************************************** β€’Follow @cole.sprousevideos (me) for moreπŸ”₯ *********************************************** dc: everybody😊 #riverdale #riverdaleedits #madelainepetsch #riverdalevideos #foreverriverdale #asos #thecwriverdale #riverdalecrew #cole #colesprouse #sprousetwins #barchie #colesprouseedits #lovecolesprouse #jughead #camilamendes #jugheadjones #jugheadvideos #couplegoals #colesprousevideos #colesprouseedit #bugheadedit #bughead #bugheadedits
49 minutes ago
WHO ARE YOU, GUYS?! πŸ³β™‘ ~i am cheryl~ @madelame Credits: @bingoandshit ❀️😊
53 minutes ago
I love this friendship ❀️ @lilireinhart @camimendes @madelame @iamamurray
1 hour ago
hey hi hello β€” so I’m the new co owner of this account??? (swipe to see photos of me) anyways β€” here are a few facts about me: My name is eva I live in Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί I have one dog as a pet I love riverdale and JTV I collect Funko pops! I have my own riverdale account (@tenvixens) I adore Lili Reinhart and Madelaine Petsch I am turning 14 in 15 days β€” I’ll be posting quite often (1-2) times a day!
1 hour ago
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