SAVE THE DATE! Our NEW ReStore in Mid Wilshire will open its doors on Monday, April 2nd at 8:30am! We can’t wait to meet our new neighbors🙏 Our grand opening celebration takes place April 20-22. View the event on Facebook for more information😄 1071 South LaBrea Ave LA, CA 90019 . . #habitatla #habitatrestore #losangeles #thrifting #homeimprovement #midwilshire #thegrovela #grandopening #abc7eyewitness #earthday #volunteerweek #labrea #lachamber #cityoflosangeles #cityofangels
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whets up guys I got 1 more day until it is time for me go to the grove tomorrow because it’s my big day I can go there the band live music Little Fish will starts tomorrow from 3:00pm till 6pm listen to me guys I don’t want to kiss little fish band my dad is going to take me there just me and my dad I gotta go there tomorrow he bring me there that’s gotta go get ready I need to take a picture with the band I gotta meet the lady singer of Little Fish Michelle Wolf and I’ll take a picture with her and Jeff alright I am getting ready tomorrow @thegrovela in L.A. I gotta leave at 3:00pm I gotta be there at 4:00pm I gotta watch live music longer alright that’s sounds good okay Los Angeles CA I’ll be there at 4:00pm I’ll see you soon is my big day can’t wait #thegrovela #littlefish #laday #livemusic
1 hour ago
This reminds me of a captivating ballet show 💓 Take time to observe and appreciate the small components of majestic nature and its beautiful sound in slo mo 💫✨ #thelittlethings #enchanting #nature #outdoors #thegrove #la #thegrovela #appreciate #observe #cooldesign #waterfountain #waterfountainshow
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God said you won’t need a filter for this one. #hurdju
14 hours ago
Who else spends more money on food than clothes?
16 hours ago
Thank you so much @madewell for having cheeseywhiskersshop partner in last nights pop-up shop! And shout out to all the people who came out even in the rain, you are the true MVP’s!!✨
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20 hours ago
Thank god that storm of the year is over. Friday funday with an old fashioned. #LosAngeles #thegrovela #oldfashioned #thefountainbar
21 hours ago
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