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This guy told me he was waiting for his wife to pick up the two things she needed at Target...
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Gotta keep firing off query letters until someone with enough interest wants to take a look at the full manuscript (for Bloodloss). Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. #snag #agent #literaryagent #lookingforagent #lookingforagency #writer #indieauthor #indiewriter #thestruggleisreal #thestruggle #amazon #kdp #novelist #novels
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Picked up this amazing 9 ft. one-of-a-kind piece a couple weeks ago and it was finally delivered today. ✨ Sigh. Any one else as much of a sucker for reclaimed wood as I am?! Now to decide whether to keep or pass it onto a client project... my constant dilemma. 😁 #thestruggle . . . . #interiordesign #reclaimedwood #interiorstyle #designinspiration #instadesign #interiorstyling #interiors123 #furniture #lifeofadesigner #styleathome #beautifulhomes #housebeautiful #makehomeyours #interiorinspiration #reclaimed #oneofakind
18 minutes ago
Technology stresses me out. My first attempt was a total jury-rigged situation where I had a weight on the back leg of my tripod so it didn’t fall completely over while I was painting. When I was done, the video showed the legs of the tripod and the file played back laying on it’s side. I ordered a mount that holds my phone but it doesn’t hold it out far enough. So I improvised with a piece of lumber to use as an extension. It was too slim for the mount. I wrapped a million rounds of duct tape on it to fatten it up enough to work. I attached my iphone to the board with rubber bands. I tested it several times to be sure the legs of the tripod were no longer showing - the natural light was beautiful, I figured I’d just live with the shadows in these early attempts. I was on my last sketch of my live drawing sketchbook to try this out with. I tested it enough to feel confident. I was winning life! Fucking whole video is upside down.
19 minutes ago
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