i had a dream that elijah and i were dating... @8elijahmarcano8 boy if this isn’t a sign-
14 hours ago
You are what you are #coreyhaim #222 #80s #thetwocoreys
2 days ago
(i need content to postπŸ˜‚) they’re adorable and kyle looks tired and justin looks shook - #ataleoftwocoreys #justinellings #elijahmarcano #coreyhaim #coreyfeldman #coreyandcorey #thetwocoreys #222
4 days ago
Happy Birthday to us! @roberttrezona @trezona28 (Yes we share the same birthday). This bitch and I; Robert Trezona go way back. We have been through so many adventures together, from our Borders Bookshop days to our Killian Highschool days, to psycho stalker girls to our first jobs at Chicken Kitchen and Blockbuster. Times at Madhouse, Club Space, goth clubs, raves, house parties, car trouble in Miami Beach at 4 am about one hundred times, road trips, crazy concert experiences, wild orgies, etc. You and I are the two Corey's of Miami. The Keenan and Kel of the 305. We are now 33 and 34 and way into our blessed adult lives; but the future has many more adventures waiting for us. I'll never forget the days you would walk into Victoria Secret while I worked there and try on thongs! Miami Beach loves us! You've always been the best brother/ best friend.
5 days ago
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