G I R L S night out celebrating @thelorenexperience birthday! Outfit fully thrifted: Zimmermann inspired wing sleeve backless playsuit $20 white round Bali bag $20 nude peep toe platforms $2 and nude tassel earrings all from @thesuitcaserummage 🎀 #sustainablefashion #opshopfinds #thriftstorefinds #shethriftsallday #thriftyAF #playsuit #pinkandred
12 hours ago
Who says baby gear has to be so expensive??!! 🤔🤥And just because we live simple doesn't mean we go without 🤗Everything here I bought second hand 💕at a local church thrift store and spent $12 for ALL OF THIS!!! 🤓💰💵 $5 for the ingenuity bassinet (retails for $79.99), $3 for the graco swing (retails for $69.99) , $3 for the fisher price rocker sleeper ($59.99), and $1 for the snuggle nest cosleeper (retails for $59.99). I would never pay retail for any of this. 🙅🏻 Babies outgrow these things so fast, no sense buying it new. Then again I rarely ever buy anything new at retail because you can buy awesome brand name quality stuff second hand for a fraction of the price. #imakemoneycry #imakemoneymoves #thriftyAF #frugalista #debtfree #debtfreecommunity #cashmoney #ecofriendly 💚🍃🌈🌿 #zerowaste #lesswaste #reducereuserecycle #secondhand #savemoney #worksmarternotharder
17 hours ago
Multicolour glitter ✨ gold bow🎀 heels by #alannahhillshoes. I really had to tear myself away from these. #opshopfinds #thriftstorefinds #shethriftsallday #thriftyAF
18 hours ago
Here we see what happens when I throw on five things that support each other on a color and fabric level but made me feel weird and disproportional all day. Orange Uniqlo scarf picks up the tiny dots of red in the thrifted Japanese chrysanthemum shift, but then the hand-me-down Gap Kids wool sweater cuts the whole thing in half at the waist. Topped with fluffy humidity-victim hair and finished with engineer boots. Luckily I could cover it all with the five-dollar parka, which is the opposite of waterproof but it lets me feel like I’m walking around in a sleeping bag all day. #ohwell #betterlucknexttime #thriftyaf
19 hours ago
S A T U R D A Y * wearing a fitness no nonsense outfit to get sh#% done ✅ tights are cotton on thrifted from @herwardrobemarket for $5 and the soft pink leather clutch was also $5 from last weeks @wlsqstrongerthanyouknow rummage. I’m thinking it could do with a monogram of rose gold letters. What you think? #shethriftsallday #thriftyaf #opshopfinds #thriftstorefinds #sustainablefashion
23 hours ago
Let us talk for a moment about our foul-weather gear. When I bought this Barbour coat in 1984 for the princely sum of £70 to survive the comically drenching Scottish winter, I had no idea that it would be my only rain coat for 34 years, but here we are. It’s not remotely cozy but it is absolutely wind- and waterproof. This is the coat you see on Queen Elizabeth as she’s tramping through the moors with a herd of corgis. Boots are Blundstones, bought in 1992, and again - absolutely waterproof and still aging nicely for a boot I wear a lot in winter. Scarf purchased from a cart in Greenwich Village in 1997 for a dollar. Battered Lucky jeans; polka dot Happy Socks. I love old clothes. #thriftyaf #fashionover50 #wearwhatyouwant and #havefungoddamnit #barbour #blundstone #luckyjeans #happysocks
3 days ago
Guess what I just purchased for my husband’s birthday present to me?! This Gucci belt! Secondhand of course cause #sustainablefashion and #thriftyAF! Imma be waiting next to the post box mmmmm k bye! Now to convince the husband that ‘early’ presents are totally acceptable... right??? Photo credit to the gorgeous @fashionedchicstyling who wears the #guccibelt so gorgeously 😍 #thriftstorefinds #opshopfinds #shethriftsallday #thriftyAF
3 days ago
It’s raining and cool but I’m wearing summer with this #MaxMara dress that I scored for $10 at my local suitcase rummage! When ever I wear it I have to wear pops of pink so my #marcjacobs ring $5 from the same rummage is 👌Oh and the cutest photo bomber in the background 🤗 #sustainablefashion #opshopfinds #thriftstorefinds #maxmara #marcjacobs #shethriftsallday #thriftyAF
3 days ago
I’m not normally one to fret about wrinkled clothes but good lord. Thrifted sheath dress made of rayon and wool with the tag cut out, which made me think it was designer. But sometimes the best clothes come from non-fancy labels - these jeans, for example, are Butt Lifters (via Marshall’s) (they lift nothing, my ass is headed straight for my ankles and there’s nothing these jeans will be able to do about it). Thrifted cashmere men’s jacket was cozy as hell on this rainy day. Fluevog Montague boots. And my oh my look at all that gray hair. #wearwhatyouwant #havefungoddamnit #thriftyaf #fluevog
4 days ago
This looks unnecessarily violent, but using the butcher knife was the only way to get into this bottle! I have really naturally curly hair and spend a ton on hair products, so you better believe I’m going to get every drop out of this $36 Moroccanoil cream. I usually cut open product bottles to get the last drops, but this was seriously still about a third full when the pump stopped grabbing it. 🙄🙄🙄🙄
4 days ago
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